Pooch and Mutt: rebranded training treat range

Last year, Pooch and Mutt rebranded their business and streamlined their range of treats to help customers better understand their benefits.

The Scamps were huge fans of their Peanut Butter junk-free mini bones, which appear to have been discontinued from the range. Pooch and Mutt now stock three treat flavours, rather than eight.

About Pooch and Mutt

The brand are dedicated to being honest and transparent, and have previously campaigned for companies like Nestle and Mars to do the same. Pooch and Mutt said: “The majority of pet food sold in the UK is made by the same confectionery companies that are behind the obesity epidemics in our children.

“We don’t think this is right. We don’t think this offers customers the choice and quality that they deserve.

“We think that there should be more honesty in pet food, both about the ingredients that go in to the foods and about who is behind them. We want customers to know what they are buying and who they are buying from.”

As a result, Pooch and Mutt ensure their treats are ‘junk free’ as well as wheat free.

The Pooch and Mutt rebrand

The recent rebrand has seen the Pooch and Mutt logo change, with a more scrolling text, and a cleverly incorporated & animated into a dogs nose and tongue. Instead of being one block colour, the tubes are now half and half, with the lower section of the tubs adorned with colourful, abstract spots – even more eyecatching than their previous packaging. And since we’re talking about packaging, Pooch and Mutt have ditched the plastic bag inside the cardboard tube, and have put the treats straight into the cardboard in a bid to be more sustainable.

Pooch and Mutt’s treat range now consists of three flavours: Calm and Relaxed, Fresh Breath and Health and Digestion. Each tube contains around 150 treat and retail at around £2.99 in most pet stores.

Pooch and Mutt Calm and relaxed

The Pooch and Mutt Calm and Relaxed treats are made with chamomile and valerian root which are both natural relaxation aids. They also contain prebiotics to help good bacteria thrive in the gut, as well as B-vitamins in ingredients like sweet potato to reduce anxiety, as B-Vitamin deficiency has been associated with anxiety and depression. The Calm and Relaxed treats contain something called L-tryptophan, which boosts serotonin levels to help you pooch feel more content.

Pooch and Mutt recommend these treats for car journeys, vet trips, separation anxiety and bedtime. We used some on Halloween night when there were lots of fireworks going off, alongside our dog calming candle, and seemed to help the Scamps settle down.

Pooch and Mutt Fresh breath

The Fresh Breath treats are low calorie, gluten free treats packed with parsley and peppermint to help keep your dogs breath smelling fresh.

The treats also include and chicory, with a slightly abrasive surface to clean teeth as your dogs chew – much more effective for smaller breeds, seeing as they barely touch the sides with Phoebe and Frank. They’re very much ‘bite sized’, which we love for training. They also smell quite minty – like a Polo Mint for your dog!

Taking a closer look at the ingredients, parsley is a source of chlorophyll, a natural deodoriser, whilst peppermint aids digestion and helps breath smell fresher. Chicory is a natural prebiotic which aids proper functioning of the digestive system, as poor digestion is often a cause of bad breath.

Pooch and Mutt Health and Digestion

If you have a dog with a sensitive tummy, then the Health and Digestion range a great little treat.

These also contain parsley and chicory, like the fresh breath treats. Parsley has apparently been used since the 4th century to aid digestion and prevent bloating and flatulence. The Health and Digestion treats also feature charcoal, which was originally used in ancient Egypt. Charcoal absorbs the gasses which cause flatulence.

All of the Pooch and Mutt treats are suitable for dogs over 16 week old, and the brand recommend feeding five to 15 a day dependent on your dogs size. The second your pup hears you shake the box of treats, they’ll come bounding back – we use this hack when the Scamps have gone out in the back garden and refuse to come inside. It works every time.