Pooch and Mutt’s limited edition Easter meaty treats for ultimate an ‘egg’ hunt

It’s officially egg hunting season, and to celebrate, Pooch and Mutt have launched a brand new limited edition bag of meaty bites that make for the ultimate treat trail this Easter.

We’ve previously talked about how there are a number of items that pose a toxic risk to dogs during springtime – from chocolate eggs to hot cross buns – so these Easter Probiotic Meaty Treats are an affordable and fun way to get your dog involved in the festivities safely.

Suitable for all breeds and ages from 12 weeks old, the recipe features 26 per cent lamb, containing all nine essential amino acids, and a further 14 per cent chicken – a lean protein that helps provide energy, complete with naturally occurring omega 6 for healthy skin and coat.

In addition, Pooch and Mutt have blended together a variety of veggies that are naturally in season to produce an even better taste, including antioxidant rich parsley (which can also help with breath freshness), and peas containing lutein to support skin, heart and eye health.

Hypoallergenic and puppy-friendly, these almond-shaped bites somewhat resemble an egg, and are formulated with added probiotics, just like the rest of Pooch and Mutt’s meaty treats range. Probiotics contribute to a healthy gut flora and support the immune system, combined with collagen for skin and coat condition, too.

A healthy gut can have many positive benefits on the body including improved mood and cognitive function, better nutrient uptake leading to healthier skin and coat, firmer stools and healthier digestion as well as supporting the immune system and helping to fight inflammation.

The meaty treats range has long been a go-to of ours for everyday rewards, with their calming treats an essential part of our nightly routine at bedtime. As such, we always enjoy when the brand launches limited edition versions, some of our favourites including Christmas, Valentine’s and Pumpkin Spice varieties.

To make it feel more like an Easter egg hunt, we love to use these treats in things like snuffle mats, or even a treat dispenser for added enrichment.

Priced at £3.99 per pack, the pricing is in line with the rest of the range, and offers good value for money in terms of the amount of treats in the bag, too. It’s also worth signing up for the Pooch and Mutt mailing list as the brand regularly send out deals and discounts – and they’re pretty good too. We were able to get 35 per cent off this pack of treats with a subscriber-only code, as well as a free pack of the calming dental sticks we already love. 

We also stocked up on our favourite calming meaty treats, paying less than £15 for seven packs, as well as their Salmon Oil, which Phoebe and Frank love on their breakfast. 

There are also usually discounts advertised on the Pooch and Mutt site – there’s currently 20 per cent off with the code SPRING.

Formulated with no added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, with no grain, cereal, gluten, beef, soy, dairy and non-GM produce, these Easter Probiotic Meaty Treats are limited edition, and like the Easter Bunny they’ll be gone before you know it. Shop the seasonal Spring treats for £3.99 here.

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