Denzel’s launch limited edition Spring treats – but you can only get them from Tesco

Denzel’s soft ‘n’ squishy bites are one of our favourite treat tin fillers, and are a guaranteed winner on walkies for rewarding Phoebe and Frank. Back in February, the brand launched some beautiful Valentine’s Hearts and now, they’ve got a new spring themed treat that’s perfect for Easter.

The Spring bites are made with lamb, carrots and seasonal spring vegetables, alongside the usual ingredients found in Denzel’s treats, like chickpea flour and vegetable glycerin. I love that nothing artificial goes into these goodies, which are also low in sugar, grain free and low calorie.

Chef Denzel and the team created the limited edition treat in a bid to remind dogs and their owners to keep other Easter treats – like chocolate eggs – away from pets this Spring. You can find other Spring toxins, like hot cross buns and daffodils, in our round up here.

The treats are gently baked in carbon-neutral woodchip ovens, often using fresh wonky fruit from local suppliers that would have otherwise gone to waste. They’re then packaged in their 100% plastic-free and biodegradable packaging, which can be thrown straight into the regular rubbish bin. The packaging is then taken to landfill where it naturally breaks down in 30 weeks, rather than 300 years, like single use plastic.

You can read more about Denzel’s plastic-free packaging here.

The packs contain around 110 treats, and as I paid £2.50 for my packet, it works out at 2.2p a treat, which is brilliant value. They’re great for using to train your dog to do fun tricks like ‘smile‘ and ‘tell me a secret?‘ and generally bonding with them. They’re also fab for taking on walks to reward good behaviour, or for using in snuffle mats for at-home enrichment.

The limited edition Denzel’s spring treats are available in over 400 Tesco stores nationwide, but when they’re gone, they’re gone! You can use the Denzel’s store locator to find the Tesco closest to you to find their delicious treats.