Nine rabbit and lamb dog treats perfect for Easter Sunday

The Easter bank holiday is a super exciting time for humans, and our dogs are always keen to get in on the fun too. But as you know, there are so many toxins that pose potential dangers in spring, particularly at Easter, such as chocolate, foil, hot cross buns and daffodils. However, there are some great treats and chews on the market that mean your pup won’t miss out on the celebrations.

If you’re planning an egg hunt for little ones, you’re going to want to keep the dogs good long enough for them to not join in and sniff out the prizes, which is where a long lasting chew will come in extremely handy. Or, you can even make your dog their own Easter hunt in the garden by placing training treats in little drawstring bags or cardboard boxes, which is great for scent training and enrichment.

We’ve stocked up on some suitably seasonal treats from Hounds in lamb and rabbit flavours for Easter, that are sure to get tails wagging this bank holiday. With prices from 50p to £4.99 – here are nine treats to spoil your dog with this April.

JR Pure Lamb Coins

JR Pure coins come in a variety of delicious flavours made from 100% fresh air dried meat, and we think lamb is perfect for Easter. The coins are 50p each and make for a completely natural, totally irresistible treat that’s both grain and gluten free, and healthy. The hypoallergenic treats are suitable for puppies over four weeks old, and can be fed whole – if size sutable – or broken up to offer bite sized rewards.

Fothglade Lamb Soft Bites

We’ve been big fans of Forthglade’s bites for such a long time and always find them in our shopping basket ready to refill the treat jar. This particular pack contains 30% lamb with sweet potato and pea flour, alongside parsley and mint for freshening breath. These natural, heart shaped treats are grain free with a soft texture, and can easily be broken in two for smaller dogs, multi-dog households or just to make the pack last longer. They’re suitable for dogs over eight weeks old and cost £1.50 at Hounds.

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Rabbit Strips

Rabbit meat is said to be a light alternative to other treats, with a similar taste to chicken. It’s both low in cholesterol and fat, making it really healthy and an excellent source of vitamin B12. Rabbit meat is a novel protein which is suitable for sensitive stomachs as well as dogs who suffer with allergies. These 100% meat strips contain magnesium and iron, and encourage healthy joints, nervous system functions and help maintain your dogs energy levels. One strip costs 80p and can be fed like a piece of jerky, or broken into smaller chunks to make it last longer.

Lily’s Kitchen Lamb Chew Sticks

Launched in June 2021, these natural, grain free chews come in five meaty flavours, with three sticks in every £2.50 pack. The lamb chews are made with 10% lamb, 5% cooked chicken as well as potato, apple, peas and mint. They lasted Phoebe and Frank around 45 seconds each, though they would last a smaller dog longer, but work well as a deterrent from chewing things they shouldn’t, while also offering an element of dental hygiene. They’re suitable for dogs over six months old and can be fed daily as part of a balanced diet.

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Lamb Skin

The most long lasting chew on this list is the lamb skin, which costs £1.50 each. This is similar to chews we’ve had in the past, such as beef skin, but lighter and easier on the stomach. The single-source protein contains no additives ot preservatives, making them a super healthy, safe and highly digestible treat for your dog. These last Phoebe and Frank about five minutes, so not as long as buffalo skin, but much longer than chicken feet or rabbit ears. These are a great option for those moments where you might need your dog chilling out on their bed for five minutes, such as when you all sit down for Sunday lunch.

JR Pure Sticks in Lamb and Rabbit

We love the JR Pure range so much we couldn’t just stop at the coins. The Pure sticks are also suitable for puppies from four weeks old, and come in some weird and wonderful flavours like kangaroo and ostrich. For Easter, we picked up lamb and rabbit, which retail at £3.99 per pack coming in cute pink and green branded packaging. The treats are made with premium cuts of human grade meat, offering responsibly sourced, single protein that’s grain and gluten free, naturally low in fat and easy to digest. The crunchy treats can be broken up and used as training treats, or given as a hypoallergenic, protein packed reward. These also featured in our top puppy treats, and they’re one of the few treats little Belle goes wild for.

Edgard and Cooper First Class Lamb and Beef Bites

Another great treat jar filler is the Edgard and Cooper bites, which are made with a whopping 84.7% meat, using 59.7% beeg and 25% lamb. These meaty treats send Phoebe and Frank barking mad as they can’t resist the smell. The pocket-sized treats are ideal for placing in a pocket or pouch for on-the-go training, and they’re also low in fat and grain free, with pear, apple and potato also in the recipe. Everything is gently cooked to retain nutrition, and come in an easy-to-recycle packet, with 1% of sales going to animal charities too. You can pick up a pack at Hounds for just £3.02, ot bag 10% off with the code SCAMPS.

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Rabbit Ears with Hair

Rabbit ears are a great low fat, sensitive alternative to the popular pigs’ ear, coming with or without hair. They can be purchased individually for £1, or as a pack for £4.99. The air dried treats are easily digestible and don’t smell like some meaty treats do. They make very little mess so they’re great to have in the house, too. The furry version of this treat entertains and provides a range of nutrients for your dog. The fur can also act as a natural de-wormer and could form part of a natural de-worming regime.

What treats will you pet be enjoying this Easter bank holiday? Order at Hounds and get 10% off your order with the code SCAMPS.