Three Christmas dinners your dog can enjoy on December 25

Turkey, pigs in blankets, honey glazed carrots – hold the Brussel sprouts – Christmas dinner is the dinner of the year, and of course we’re going to get our dogs in on the action too.

There’s so much that dog’s can’t eat when it comes to a human Christmas lunch, from sage and onion stuffing, to anything cooked in fats or oils – like your roasties. It’s better to play it safe and get them their own dog-friendly festive feast, and there are some incredible options on the market this year!

Phoebe and Frank have been sniffing out some of the best ones, made with quality meats and seasonal veg to offer a show stopping dinner on December 25. And if like us you use wet food as a topper, there will even be some left over for Boxing Day, because there’s simply nothing better than festive leftovers in the days post-Christmas.

Or, if you’re looking for an interesting way to enrich your dogs dinner, why not spread it on a LickiMat, or stuff it into a Kong to keep your dogs entertained whilst the family share gifts or make sure the turkey doesn’t end in disaster.

Here are three Christmas Dinners for dogs that The Scamps can’t wait to get their paws on.

Lily’s Kitchen Three Bird Feast

Price: £2.85

Size: 400g

Age: Over 4 months

Meat content: 60%

The Lily’s Kitchen Three Bird Feast is an incredibly popular festive recipe, and this year, comes in a beautiful midnight blue tin with a Christmassy makeover. It features everything you would hope to find on a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, including turkey, goose and duck. It also offers seasonal parsnips and cranberries, carrots, broccoli, apples and minerals, as well as a range of herbs and botanicals, like rosehip and milk thistle, which are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.

This is the most expensive recipe on this list, but Phoebe and Frank have had it every Christmas and always enjoy it as a topper on their kibble on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Pooch and Mutt Turkey and Chicken Christmas Dinner

Price: £9.99 for pack of six (£1.66 a pack)

Size: 375g

Age: Over four months

Meat content: 66%

The Pooch and Mutt turkey and chicken Christmas dinner has had a gorgeous red and gold revamp for the festive season, and can be purchased as a pack of six, or found inside the Pooch and Mutt Christmas gift box, featuring two cartons and two bags of festive meaty treats.

The grain-free wet food includes both chicken and turkey with a medley of fruit and vegetables like potato, carrot, broccoli, apple and blueberry, with added probiotics to aid digestion. Pooch and Mutt recently updated their wet food recipes to feature locally sourced fresh meat from British farms in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, gently steam cooking to retain goodness.

The hypoallergenic food contains no added artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, with no grain, cereal, gluten, beef, soy, diary and non-GM produce, and comes in a Tetra carton which can then be recycled.

Forthglade Christmas Dinner Turkey with Cranberry and Parsnip natural wet dog food

Price: £10.15 for seven trays (£1.45 a tray)

Size: 395g

Age: Over one year

Meat content: 75%

As always with Forthglade, this festive recipe is completely free from junk, fillers and artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies.

This recipe has the highest meat content, with 75% turkey, and is the best value for money gram for gram. However, it’s the only one of these recipes not recommended for younger puppies, suitable for dogs over 12 months old.

The festive food offering also contains tasty cranberry and parsnip, as well as herbs and prebiotics for good gut health, which – like Pooch and Mutt – have been gently steamed to retain maximum goodness.

We find these trays store really well in the fridge, which is really important at Christmas when getting something from the fridge is like a came of Tetris. They fit in any small gap, and keep well in the fridge for two to three days once opened.