The £6 Aldi pet bowls that look amazing in your kitchen

Phoebe and Frank have always had stainless steel food bowls alongside their Emma Bridgewater ceramic water bowl. And despite regular washing and sanitising, their silver bowls had begun to look worn and tatty.

The silicone ring around the base that aimed to stop them sliding around had stretched and was falling off constantly, making them look untidy. Not only that, but when pet bowls get knocked, the nicks and scratches can harbour bacteria so I was keen to swap them for something a little more stylish.

Now we have an Aldi quite literally down the road, I was able to pop down for their Pet Event, where I picked up some gorgeous new beds that go really well with our living room. And when I visited again later in the week, I found these sleek and trendy bamboo pet bowls for just £5.99 each.

The bowls come in a cool toned grey or this versatile stone, both of which go well with most decor themes. They’re not quite as wide in diameter as the Scamps’ old bowls, but they’re still suitable for bigger breeds.

I find that with most bowls this design, they’re difficult to clean as they’re either one piece, or fixed in. However, these Aldi Specialbuys have a removable stainless steel bowl that can be easily washed as usual, while the bamboo base is wipe-clean only.

Functional, yet stylish and modern, the bowls have four non-skid silicone pads on the bottom to stop them being pushed around the room by greedy snoots, and are suitable for both food and water.

Bamboo makes the bowls more eco-friendly as it’s a natural, biodegradable material. Bamboo is a natural and renewable resource, and therefore much better than plastic which uses chemicals and takes longer to degrade.

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The bowls look so much neater and cleaner in the kitchen, and look far more expensive than they really are. Phoebe and Frank both look comfortable using them, but Aldi also have some rather nice raised pet bowls too. I actually like the fact the bowls are a touch smaller than their old ones, as their meals always looked really sparse previously, despite being the correct measurements. This makes their meals look bigger to avoid overfeeding them out of guilt because it ‘didn’t look like much’.