10 ways to celebrate National Terrier Day as a dog mum

I joke every single year that no-one ever gets me a mother’s day card from the dogs – but this year, Sunday, March 27 not only marks Mothering Sunday, but also the second National Terrier Day.

The annual event celebrating terrier breeds big and small was launched by Michelle Burgess, who owns border terrier Barney, and Sandy the terrier mix. And this year, she’s asking fellow dog owners to celebrate ‘the joy of being a mother of terriers’.

She sad: “We want to make Terriers the most loved breed again! Our love for terriers runs deep. How better to celebrate our favourite breed than with a whole day dedicated to terrier love and appreciation?!”

I’ve been a terrier owner for over a decade, with my love of Staffordshire bull terriers starting at the age of 10 when we adopted Lyla. Now, Phoebe and Frank are both terrier mixes and they’re just such a wonderful, yet so diverse group of breeds, from Staffies to fox terriers and border babies.

Michelle said: “There are 27 recognised terrier breeds on the Kennel Club list, which is why the 27th of March was chosen for National Terrier Day. According to the Kennel Club, in 2020, Jack Russell Terriers and Norwich Terrier’s popularity increased dramatically, by a whopping 58% for Norwich Terriers and 30% for JRT.

“However, the number of terrier breeds on the vulnerable list is sadly much greater. The Dandie Dinmont Terrier, English Toy Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier, and Glen of Imaal Terrier are all on the Kennel Club’s 2020 list of vulnerable breeds in the UK. Terriers are a fabulous breed who deserve at least a day of good press. All terriers are worthy of a bit of recognition and fame, and hopefully, together, we will make terriers famous, if only for a day!”

Michelle hopes the awareness day will help potential owners consider a terrier as their next pet, and hopes National Terrier Day will encourage people to visit a rescue centre to adopt a terrier, too.

To celebrate both Mother’s Day and National Terrier Day, Michelle has 25% off everything at Scruffy Little Terrier with the code NTD2022 – including their ‘Mother of Terriers’ hoodie. The organic cotton and recycled polyester jumper is available in four colours, printed with the Game of Thrones-inspired slogan. You can treat yourself to the hoodie here.

Terriers have some serious shredding skills and love to roll, dig and tug. So if you’re looking to celebrate National Terrier Day with your dog, here are a few ideas to get you started, as put together by Michelle.

Ten ways to celebrate National Terrier Day

Plan a terrier meet-up – whether you know your dogs siblings, or are part of a Facebook group, why not head out on a walkies with some of your terrier-loving friends.

Post a photo, or five, of your beloved terrier – Phoebe and Frank have their own Instagram account for this, of course. But don’t forget the hashtag #nationalterrierday!

Treat your terrier – whether that’s to an extra special walk, some special yummy treats, or to a new toy to destroy. This year, Phoebe and Frank will be enjoying a delicious Lickimat and their favourite walk route.

Bake a doggy cake – you can follow your own recipe, or for a no mess, fuss free option, we always recommend The Innocent Hound cake mix.

Share a terrier in rescue and help a dog in need to find a new home – Frank’s dad, Winston, was in kennels for two years and after years of campaigning, my brother adopted him. I’ve previously written dozens of articles for The Mirror to help dogs get homes, many of which were terriers. A quick share on Facebook could help them find their forever home.

Plan a fundraiser or donate to a dog rescue in celebration of your terrier – this year, we’re donating some items to a raffle to help support the volunteers rescuing dogs from Ukraine during the conflict.

Throw a terrier party – Phoebe and Frank love a party, despite the look on Frank’s face.

An Ode to terriers – if you’re a bit of a writer, pen a poem or share a story about your terrier or the breed.

Tug it out – what terrier doesn’t love a game of tug? Dedicate some time to indulging your terrier. Phoebe in particular loves tug with huge long ropes in the garden.

Remember your terrier – Terrier day is a lovely opportunity to remember those who have passed over to rainbow bridge, just like our old girl, Lyla.

Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook share how you celebrate National Terrier Day this March 27, and remember to use hashtag #nationalterrierday, tagging @scruffylittleterrier.