Fit for a King – Denzel’s Rewards for dogs who are treated like royalty

Last year, Danzel’s launched a range of limited-edition seasonal treats for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Summer and even Halloween, and in 2023, they’re working even harder to bring our pets delicious products that they’ll love.

The natural treat brand has already started off the year strong with the launch of their brand new Denzel’s Rewards, with a regal design featuring King Denzel himself, because all dogs should be treated like royalty, right?

The Denzel’s Rewards come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the ultimate reward for your dog. Owners can choose from four royal recipes including Salmon & Cranberry Love Hearts, Duck & Plum Little Gems, Chicken & Mango Rosettes and Turkey & Apple Charms.

Many dog treats have a huge long list of unrecognisable ingredients including colourings, fillers, additives, chemicals and preservatives, but these are made from freshly prepared human-grade ingredients, making them a healthy, sustainable and super premium high-value treat.

Each recipe includes a whopping 70 per cent fresh meat and fish, as well as fruit and veggies like potato, carrot, and, of course, plum, mango, cranberry and apple. All of the treats are made in small batches and gently air dried to prolong freshness.

Each of the treats vary in shape and size, for example, the hearts and rosettes are much larger, with around 14 treats per pack, and can be torn up into smaller  treats to make the pouch go further. Perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes from 16 weeks old, the charms are slightly smaller, with around 35 treats per pack, while the little gems are ideal for the smallest of dogs, with 70 treats in each pouch.

Speaking of pouches, Denzel’s Rewards – like all of their other treats – come in 100 per cent plastic-free packs that won’t harm the planet. You can read all about their move to a much more environmentally friendly packaging here. 

When the treats are gone (which we’re sure won’t take long), you can put the empty biodegradable and compostable pouch in your regular bin and it will naturally break down in landfill within 30 weeks, instead of 300 years like single-use plastic alternatives.

Priced at £3 per pack, they’re currently available on Denzel’s website and will soon be landing in Tesco, Jollyes, Wilko, Ocado and Specialist Independent Pet Stores too. On the Denzel’s site, you can get free delivery on all orders over £15, meaning you can buy all four of the new packs and throw in your favourite soft bites and forget about paying postage.

And while we’re confident you’ll love them, Denzel’s do offer a money back guarantee, so that if they don’t Denzel’s will give you a full refund.

We really love the latest launch from Denzel’s. While their soft bites are amazing for enrichment toys like snuffle mats, they’re a bit too small to use as a reward for larger breeds like Phoebe and Frank, so the new, bigger treats are perfect.

The branding is incredible, and Denzel makes a very handsome King. Seeing all of the packs lined up reminds me of the musical Six, and they’ll certainly be a hit around King Charles’ coronation later this year.

The different shapes and flavours keep this collection interesting for you and your dog, and the high meat content paired with healthy fruit and veg makes them the ultimate treat for your pooch.

We particularly like the Salmon & Cranberry love hearts, with Valentine’s coming up, too – but equally, the rosettes, charms and gems all go down tail-waggingly well, too. Try them for yourself and pick them up on the Denzel’s website here.

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