Four Christmas gifts for dogs from Kobe by Kikkerland

Netherlands-based design brand Kikkerland have got everything you need to ensure your adventure-loving dogs find the perfect gift under the tree this Christmas, from satarical chew toys, to pampering spa sets. Since 1992 Kikkerland Design has established itself as one of the top companies in the world offering unique, well designed products to inspire customers and their needs.

Their line of dog products, named after beloved office dog and family pet Kobe, celebrates the relationship between humans and their trusted canine companions, as well as supports the International Street Dog Foundation who is dedicated to saving the lives of street dogs around the world.

Kikkerland said: “Dogs teach us what matters most in life, to live in the moment, don’t hold grudges, love unconditionally, play every day, and drink lots of water!”

Phoebe and Frank have been hunting high and low for the best Christmas gifts of 2022, and these top picks from Kikkerland have got to be up there. As well as supporting charities, Kikkerland supports and represents independent, self-producing designers from around the world, with their 15-person in-house design team creating and developing new products every day.

We love their ingenious, fun and often comical creations, and have been big fans of them for a long while now, with their Happy Birthday tin having made an appearance in Frank’s birthday photos earlier this year. Their treat selfie stick has also come in handy in the past.

Kobe and Kikkerland products can be found in thousands of stores around the world, including museums, independent specialty stores, department stores, grocery, garden and hardware stores, but we’ve tried to link some of the places you can shop them online below, too.

From tug toys to bottle openers – here are our top picks from Kobe by Kikkerland to treat your dogs to this Christmas 2022.

Make Your Own Tug Toy – £20

Is this a present for you or a present for your dog – you decide! If you have a dog who loves to play tug, and you’re quite the creative type, this Make Your Own Dog Tug Toy kit is the ultimate gift for both of you. If you have little ones at home, you can even get them involved in the design and assembly of the toy as the perfect bonding experience.

The kit comes with a ball and lots of brightly coloured fleece pieces, which can be threaded, platted and knotted to connect all the pieces. In just a few minutes, you’ll have made a surprisingly strong and durable tug toy that the dogs will love. 

To make it even more personal, you can add other elements to make it perfect for your particular dog and go out and play. It’s really easy to complete and really engaging for the dog and the owner.

Dog Spa Kit – £15

There’s nothing like a bit of self-care on a Sunday, right? Well now, you can treat your dog to an at-home spa with this doggy spa kit, which retails at £15 at Menkind

This adorable kit is fit for all pooches, from poodles to labradors, shih tzu’s to staffies – they all need their coat and claws kept in tip top condition! The little blue illustrated tin comes complete with a mini body massager for canine relaxation, a nail file, hairbrush, as well as a wellness booklet – everything you need to keep your dog groomed and pampered.

The booklet contains information about the benefits of dog massage, including how it reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain and improves body functions. But it can also help lower your own heart rate and blood pressure, meaning it’s good for both of you!

The tin also contains a lint sponge, which, when used dry, easily picks up fur from fabric, which means you’ll never leave the house with hairy jeans again – winner.

Doggy Fake News Toy – £8.10

As a journalist, this Doggy Fake News Toy brings me so much joy. The fun, squeaky novelty toy is suitable for dogs of any size and is great for tug-of-war, fetch, and chewing fun. Emblazoned with tongue-in-cheek, fake headlines such as the infamous ‘Labradoodle Walks on Moon’, this is a toy that’s set to bring about hours of fun.

As well as funny fake news quotes, the plush also has a squeaker that will be the biggest delight, especially for Phoebe and Frank, who can’t resist a squeaky toy.

A satirical gift for a good-humoured dog lover, we’ve found it on offer here for £8.10, down from a tenner. Some may even say it’s Pawlizter prize-worthy.

Dog bottle opener – £4.50

Last but not least, we love this dog bottle opener, which means, so long as you’ve got your canine companion, you’ll never need to search high and low for a bottle opener again.

The stainless steel bottle opener is 4.5cm wide, so does sit better on the collars of larger dogs, attaching easily to the metal ring for light and easy carrying. 

I wouldn’t recommend your dog wearing this all the time – perhaps just for family picnics and BBQs – you could keep it on your keys in the meantime.

Dogs love having a dog to do, and they’ll love heading over to people for a fuss and to help open their beer. People pleasing AND pets? Yes please.

You can shop the bottle opener here.