Lily’s Kitchen dry food recipes that feel like reading a pub menu

You know when you go to the pub, or a restaurant, pick up and peruse the menu and simply cannot fathom what to order because everything sounds so darn good? That’s exactly what Lily’s Kitchen’s dry dog food is like for pets. 

Now typically on a day-to-day basis, Phoebe and Frank have the Canagan chicken kibble, which we wrote about here. However, on the days where Phoebe sometimes refuses her breakfast, if we simply fancy switching things up a little to keep it interesting, or I have accidentally forgotten to order the dog food, we’ll pick up a bag from Lily’s Kitchen. 

Each of the Lily’s Kitchen dry food recipes are naturally nutritious and complete, and come in a variety of mouthwatering flavours to tempt even the fussiest of four-legged companions. We recently tried out a handful of their recipes including Shepherd’s Pie, Countryside Casserole, Wild Woodland Walk and Salmon Supper and not only love how it reads like a Special’s board, but also how popular it was with our pooches.

On allaboutdogfood – a tool we use as a guide to work out the quality of a pet food – Lily’s Kitchen scores 70 per cent, which is only 3 per cent lower than the Canagan they get daily. It’s a very positive rating which means we can confidently feed Phoebe and Frank their kibble and know they’re getting everything they need nutritionally.

The Lily’s Kitchen recipes are all grain free, and the first ingredient listed is always fresh meat with a quantity between 30-40 per cent for each recipe, alongside a mix of vegetables, fruits and botanical herbs. The brand also adds glucosamine and chondroitin to help aid bone and joint support, prebiotics to help establish a healthy digestion and essential nutrients for overall health. Prebiotics have long been an important part of Phoebe and Frank’s diet since Phoebe’s bout of campylobacter to aid gut health. 

Then some of the recipes help target various other health benefits with the addition of salmon oil in the Countryside Casserole recipe –  a fantastic source of Omega-3 fatty acids to help keep your dog’s coat, heart, brain and joints in good health. Meanwhile, the lamb recipe stars L-Carnitine, a natural substance which can help move and limit storage of fat. This is the brand’s lowest fat recipe, so ideal for hounds trying to lose the pounds.

One of Phoebe and Frank’s favourites had to be the Wild Woodland Walk recipe, featuring duck, salmon and venison for its variety of flavours, but the salmon food went down a real treat, too. This single protein fish recipe is perfect for dogs that may be allergic to the traditional protein sources.

The kibble itself is a great size and a really nice pebble shape, meaning it also fits well in our Furbo camera so we can give the Scamps a little treat while we’re out, as well as fits in our puzzle toys or snuffle mats.

The only downfall is, of course, the price, with 12kg of Lily’s Kitchen costing £97, compared to Canagan’s £79.99. However, you can opt for a 1kg bag for £10.50 or a 2.5kg bag for £25, which allows shoppers to find a size that suits their budget. Obviously we are feeding two large dogs, so a 2.5kg bag would last us approximately six days – but for a one-dog home or those with smaller breeds, it would last much longer.

Since it’s stocked at our local Sainsbury’s, it’s really easy and convenient to grab a 2.5kg bag that will last us just under a week and get us through until our usual delivery arrives. And honestly, sometimes I think the Scamps secretly hope I forget to place the kibble order. 

If you fancy trying out Lily’s Kitchen’s dry food recipes for your own dog and adding a bit of variety into their mealtimes, you can shop all of the different flavours here.

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