Canagan Softies – semi-moist treats in four delicious flavours for under £5

We’ve been feeding our two Staffy-crosses Canagan’s chicken kibble for a little over a year now and they absolutely love it. High quality at a reasonable price, it ticks all of the boxes when it comes to keeping the Scamps fed and ensuring they get all of the nutrients they need. So you can imagine my excitement when they brought out a brand new range of semi-moist treats that make for the perfect reward between mealtimes.

Promising a blend of tasty ingredients and intriguing health benefits, the Canagan Softies come in four delicious grain-free flavours to get even the fussiest of dog’s tails wagging, including chicken, duck, salmon and quail. 

Suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike, each recipe contains at least 40 per cent meat, and is enriched with collagen – an essential ingredient for keeping your dog’s skin healthy, coat glossy and nails strong, and the reason for wolves being in such peak condition. The perfect natural reward for good behaviour or training, each bite-sized reward also contains protein-packed peas, which contain anti-inflammatory lutein, which is good for skin, heart and eye health.

The chicken softies offer 41 per cent chicken, which is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, phosphorous and selenium which is good for the immune system. Each treat also tends to feature a herb or botanical of some sort, with these ones containing cinnamon, proven to reduce the chances of heart disease and high blood pressure issues in dogs, alongside antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Meanwhile, the duck treats are lean and easy to digest, as well as being full of amino acids which are great for the immune system. The collagen enrichment in these treats continues to support skin health, a shiny coat, and strong nails, ensuring our dogs look and feel their best. The added benefits of peas and rosemary contribute to anti-inflammatory and digestive support, making these treats offer a well-rounded and nutritious snacking option.

Perfect for dogs who love fish, the salmon softies feature fish picked from the Scottish highlands, which provides a delicious source of easily digestible protein, Omega-3, vitamin D and selenium, alongside the popular garden herb, thyme, said to be great for digestion, urinary health and respiratory health.

Finally, there’s the qual variety, another lean protein and an ideal alternative to chicken if your dog happens to be sensitive. As expected, these treats also contain collagen for skin health, coat shine, and nail strength, paired with oregano which has been shown to strengthen the digestive tract and immune system.

Each of these treats have their own unique shape, too. The chicken treats are in an adorable heart shape (to show your dog how much you love them), while the salmon is shaped like a fish bone. Both the duck and quail are drumstick shaped, though the quail ones are considerably smaller, making them a brilliant option for puppies or smaller breeds.

Each pack costs £4.99, and at 200g per pack, you do get a considerable amount of treats for your money. Naturally, you’ll get more in the quail packet compared to the salmon due to the size of the treats, but we still considered all four packs to be great value for money, And what’s more is that the packaging is resealable and recyclable, meaning you can maintain the freshness of the product while they’re being used, and do your bit for the planet by disposing of it correctly when they’re empty.

With an emphasis on high-quality protein sources, collagen enrichment, and the use of natural ingredients, these Canagan Softies not only make for an irresistible reward, they also contribute to their overall health, making them the ultimate choice packed with variety for our pets.

You can shop the Canagan Softies online here.


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