Pets at Home cooling vests that help dogs beat the heat

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We’re in the midst of a heatwave and one of the hottest July’s on record, and while some may consider 30+ degrees absolutely glorious, neither me or the scamps agree. Even Phoebe, our little sun worshipper, has found it too much this weekend, and these kinds of temperatures pose a serious risk of heatstroke in pets.

But luckily, we’ve been prepared with all of our favourite cooling products, including the Aldi canopy bed, cooling mats, paddling pools and dog ice creams. As well as this, we’ve been limiting their time outside in the heat, but when they have been out, we’ve made sure they’re wearing the Sunny Daze Elastofit Dog Cooling Vest from Pets at Home to keep them cool.

The vests are ideal for bringing your dog’s temperature down while protecting them from the sun’s UV rays. They cost between £15 and £21 each, depending on the size, and are really easy to use. Arriving in a pop-open tube, you soak the folded vest in cold water and wring it out before placing it on your pooch. Putting it on is also a breeze, simply slipping over the head and velcroing to secure it in place.

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As soon as the vests are on the dogs’ panting reduces as they start to cool off. The lightweight vest gives your dog a feeling of long-lasting comfort on hot days, with Pets at Home saying it can keep them cool for up to six hours. Personally, I prefer to keep taking off the vest and re-soaking to ensure it’s as cool as it can be, because in the very hot weather the sun will evapourate the water from the harness-style vest, drying it quicker.

The Extra-Large size was just about right for both Phoebe and Frank, as it’s expandable for an improved fit. The fabric has a bit of stretch to it, making it easier to get on and off, and doesn’t restrict any movement should the correct size be selected. While Phoebe rolled around on her back for a while in an attempt to wriggle it off, both dogs quickly realised it felt nice and cooling.

The dogs put these on with no fuss and, much like how they like to wear a coat in winter, the vest makes them feel quite safe and secure. In fact, they’ll even wear them in the house while lounging in front of the fan, too. As well as offering respite from the heat, it also offers a little more peace of mind for owners who are conscious about keeping their dogs cool. They’re comfortable to wear – though I do advise sizing up – and are also perfect for travelling to take to the beach or on walks, when the temperature is suitable, to douse in water.

You can buy the Sunny Daze Elastofit Dog Cooling Vest from Pets at Home here.