Three Pooch and Mutt supplements to support joints in active or senior dogs

We don’t like to think about our dogs getting older, but it’s an unsetting fact we have to come to terms with in order to make the best decisions for them. And while we by no means consider Phoebe to be a senior at the age of seven, we have noticed that her joints can give her gyp if she knocks a shoulder or overworks herself, taking longer to bounce back than she used to.

But it’s not just older dogs who need help looking after their joints, it’s also dogs who are super active, like Frank. 

As a result, we’ve begun adding some Pooch and Mutt supplements to Phoebe and Frank’s diet to help support their joint care now as a preventative measure for the future. 

Pooch and Mutt said: “Unlike humans, dogs don’t have the option of using crutches or wheelchairs. On top of this, their days are spent walking and running rather than sitting on the sofa watching TV and filling in crossword puzzles. 

“They like to keep active, even in their old age. Preventing joint disease and treating it in its early stages can hugely impact a dog’s quality of life. Doing all we can to support our dog’s joint health can help them lead fuller and longer lives.”

So here are three of their products we’ve been using to help keep the Scamps as fit as fiddles. 

Joint Care Supplement

Much like you might take a vitamin, this is your canine’s equivalent. This joint supplement from Pooch and Mutt has been developed by vets to help aid healthy joints and improve mobility. 

One 100g tub contains around 100 tablets for £14.99 and for an adult or injured dog, the recommended guideline is two to three for every 5kg the dog weighs. We opt for a low dose, going for just one a day per dog due to also using other ailments alongside.

Pooch and Mutt say they’re the ‘perfect preventative measure for breeds prone to joint issues’ as well as active and working dogs that need extra care as a result of additional wear and tear.

The main ingredient in these supplements is Type II Collagen, which makes up over 70 per cent of a dog’s cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Pooch and Mutt explained: “Stores of Collagen within the body diminish as dog’s get older, therefore a supplement enriched with collagen can help reduce signs of ageing and help to maintain joint integrity.”

They also contain glucosamine, chondroitin and selenium to maintain joint health, and Vitamin C which contains antioxidant properties to help reduce joint pain.

The bitesize tablets can be fed like a treat throughout the day – if your pooch isn’t a master pill avoider – or crushed and added to food at mealtimes, and are suitable for dogs over 12 weeks old.

Mobile Bones for Dogs

Mobile Bones is a supplement powder that contains a whopping 16 active ingredients to promote healthy joints and mobility for dogs, aid stiff joints and strengthen bones, helping dogs live a more active, healthy and enjoyable life.

The recipe is hypoallergenic containing the likes of selenium for healthy cartilage development, vitamins C and E, and a host of other powerful nutrients that can help slow down the progression of arthritis and minimise inflammation.

Yucca helps reduce joint inflammation, while methylsulfonylmethane helps alleviate pain and swelling – phosphorus helps maintain strong bones with fish oil reducing inflammation and calcium being recognised as one of the most important minerals for bone health.

The powder costs £10.99 for 200g, packaged in a sugarcane wrapper, and should be fed to small dogs up to 10kg at one teaspoon a day, and medium dogs up to 200kg, two teaspoons a day. 

The supplement works to provide nutrients for bone strength and bone density, alongside glucosamine to aid stiff joints and joint comfort, working early to save on medication and prescriptions later in life.

Salmon Oil

Packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9, salmon oil is a real superfood to add to your dogs diet, with powerful ingredients that not only aid in lubricating joints, but a wide range of health benefits for dogs.

The Pooch and Mutt salmon oil costs £13.49 for 500ml and is made from sustainably sourced Scottish Salmon. The hypoallergenic and puppy-friendly formula can be used every day, with as little as a teaspoon a day offering a world of positive impact.

First up, salmon oil keeps your dog’s joints limber and lubricated so they can move around easily – an essential aspect to a dogs’ continued mobility as they grow and age. Not only this, but it offers better brain function, mental development and memory, a glossy, healthy coat and reduces dry and itchy skin.

Fatty acids known as DHA and EPA in salmon oil can supercharge your dog’s immune system, and provide improved heart health, aid healthy weight gain in puppies or underweight adult dogs, and quite literally keep them bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

A good glug of salmon oil on Phoebe and Frank’s breakfast gets toes tapping and tails wagging in our house, and paired with the Joint Supplement and Mobile Bones, it’s a joint care trio we hope will help the Scamps live long, happy and pain-free lives. What’s more is you can get £10 off your first Pooch and Mutt purchase with my referral link. 

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