Trick or Treats? Trying out the limited edition Denzel’s Halloween launches

TRICK OR TREATS? Phoebe and Frank are all about the treats, and will pull out all the tricks to get their paws on one of Denzel’s new limited edition Halloween launches. 

This year has seen Denzel’s team launch some incredible seasonal goodies, including their Valentine’s Hearts, Spring Bites and Surf ‘n’ Turf summer special. And now, with spooky season in full swing, there’s a whole pumpkin-full of goodies to sink your vampire teeth into.

From spooktacular soft and squishy bites to terrifyingly good multibuy boxes, owners and their four-legged familiars will love these scarily ‘gourd’ goodies. 

As with all Denzel’s treats, everything comes in 100 per cent plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable packaging, which will naturally break down in 30 weeks not 300 years. Some of the Halloween designs can even double up as spooky decor in the run up to October 31. 

Not only that, but you won’t find any colourings, fillers, additives, chemicals and preservatives, here, as Denzel’s only use real healthy ingredients you would recognise, hand-baked in the UK for freshness and sustainability.

We’ve been trying out the new Denzel’s Halloween treats ahead of the big day, and we have to admit, they’re too cute to spook! Great work, Denz. Here’s what you can get your paws on this October – but you’ll have to be quick, or they’ll vanish before your very eyes!

Toffee Apple Soft-Baked Sticks

Toffee apples are an autumn staple and a much-loved nostalgic treat – in fact, I got a little warm fuzzy feeling when I spotted some in Aldi last week. They remind me of cosy bonfires and crunchy fallen leaves, and I’ll always remember trying to make them myself with mum as a kid.

These Toffee Apple chews from Denzel’s are a genius flavour combination to get your dog involved in all the fun of Halloween – featuring apple, pumpkin and cinnamon, it’s basically October embodied in a delicious gently baked chew. 

The packaging for these sticks is too cute to spook, with a Mummy Denzel wrapped in bandages surrounded by cobwebs and bats. Inside are four vegan chews that are suitable for puppies and dogs from 12 weeks old, which can be fed whole or easily broken into multiple smaller treats for rewards and training.

Phoebe and Frank love all of the flavours in these seasonal treats, and can often be found in the kitchen slinking around near the treat cupboard where they’re kept. Ideal for picky pooches or dogs with sensitive tummies, these toffee apple chews are a terrifyingly tasty treat for your pooch. 

Spooktacular Bones

Denzel’s popular soft ‘n’ squishy bites have had a revamp for Howl-oween and are perfect for trick or treating. The limited-edition pack sees a Vampire Denzel on the front, and contains small, bone-shaped rewards that offer a spooky take on their usually round bites. 

Hand-baked in small batches in the UK, the healthy, low-calorie Spooktacular Bones treats are made with British turkey, apple and fresh pumpkin, sustainably sourced from local suppliers. 

These 100g bags of training treats cost £3 and contain between 100-120 treats, working out less than 3p per reward, which is pretty great value for money, we think.

The grain-free treats are the perfect treat to reward your dogs good behaviour with when the doorbell rings on October 31. With little ones demanding candy at the door, these can prove a great distraction if scattered on the floor to be hoovered up by the Scamps. 

Equally, if you have any canine visitors over the Halloween period, it’s worth keeping a pack of Spoocktacular Bones nearby for your four-legged callers – no tricks, just treats, here!

Jack-o-lantern of Pumpkin Bites

Low calorie, grain free and hypoallergenic, Denzel’s jack ‘o’ lantern of tasty Pumpkin Bites are made with fresh banana, fresh pumpkin and beetroot, as well as Phoebe’s favourite – peanut butter. 

Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks old, the 50g bag of treats comes in a cardboard box, which has been designed to hang up as a halloween decoration afterwards. You could even carefully carve out the eyes and mouth and place a battery-operated tealight inside, too, creating a spine-chilling decoration that can sit on your fireplace.

The Pumpkin Bites are much like Denzel’s usual soft ‘n’ squishy bites, which are one of our favourite things to put inside a snuffle mat. They’re the perfect size for stuffing in the little pockets and can provide a good hour of enrichment for the Scamps. 

Packed full of fruit and veggies, these vegan treats are priced at £2 on the Denzel’s website, offering treats and a Halloween accessory in one! 

Haunted House Gift Box

If you want to try a bit of everything, you’ll love the Haunted House Gift Box, which contains a mix of the three limited-edition packs for just £5. Each box, which reminds me of the Addams’ Family mansion, includes a pack of Toffee Apple Sticks and 50g packs of the Spooktacular Bones and Pumpkin Bites. In total, the edible value is around £6.50, so you’re actually making a tasty saving as well of around £1.50, too.

Again, the packaging is really sweet and looks really cute on a bookshelf with some pumpkins to see you through the autumn season. You could even decant your treats into it and use it as a little container for furry trick or treaters who happen to visit. Bone appetit!

Frankenstein Head of Treats

Last but not least, there’s the Frankenstein Head of Treats, which comes in at £8. The green cardboard box featuring Frankenstein’s monster is stuffed with eight bags of Denzel’s treats – four lots of Pumpkin Bites and four packets of Spooktacular Bones – working out at £1 per bag. Based on a 100g bag costing £3, these 50g bags are brilliant value, and with just 10 weeks to go until Christmas, are likely to see you through until the next limited edition launch from the brand. 

We think this box is pawfect for sharing, and we’ll be giving away some of ours to Winston and Belle, as well as putting some aside for our friends at the rescue centre. 

The whole range of Denzel’s Halloween treats is now available in more than 600 Tesco stores nationwide, as well as Ocado, Spar, Jollyes and the Denzel’s website. They’ve also hit the shelves of a number of specialist independent pet stores, like Hounds, where you can get 10 per cent off at the checkout by using the code SCAMPS.