What do you get in the Edgard and Cooper Christmas Gift Box?

What do you buy the lucky pup who has everything? An Edgard and Cooper Christmas Gift Box, of course!

We suspect Santa Paws will be delivering a lot of these over the next few weeks, so if you’re thinking of getting your paws on one, then you’ll have to be quick.

I feel like online doesn’t do this gift box justice at all – when I first saw it in person, I was shocked at how big it really was – quadruple the size that it appears in merchandising photos. And the £18 tin is totally reusable, in keeping with Edgard and Cooper’s sustainable ethos of ‘refill, not landfill’ – it’s the perfect size for storing your dogs kibble or natural chews when your pet has scoffed everything from inside it.

The beautiful blue tin is packed full of goodies that will keep your dogs’ tails wagging well past December – including a limited edition bow tie you won’t find anywhere else.

Inside the tin, you’ll find a 0.7kg bag of their popular venison and duck kibble, which is usually £18.99 for 2.5kg, meaning there’s around £5 worth of dry food here. For pet parents who have found themselves rushed off their feet and forgot to order their usual pet food for the festive period, this bag will certainly tide them over for the holidays until you can put in your order again.

The kibble is made with fresh venison and free run duck, with other festive favourites like apple, beetroot and pear. It’s perfect for sensitive tummies, containing prebiotics for a healthy gut, and sweet potato for slow-release energy.

You’ll also find an Edgard and Cooper Game and Duck tin of food, as well as a tray, which makes for the perfect Boxing Day dinner – which would usually cost £2.50 and £1.10 respectively.

This meaty, grain-free recipe is made using game and duck – both great novel protein sources that suit dogs with sensitive tummies. Game is packed with Omega 3, and the recipe contains prebiotics to support a healthy gut. As a bonus, Edgard and Cooper combine the meat with nutritious offal (like heart and liver) for an extra helping of nutrition.

Now, let’s talk treats! Your dogs will be delighted to find the Edgard and Cooper Duck and Chicken Jerky inside their Christmas tin. Usually priced at £6.99, these jerky strips make for an amazing reward, or can be torn up and used as training treats for your pet.

The brand said: “They say the best presents come in small packages. Our Divine duck and chicken jerky certainly proves the case. We believe every dog, no matter how naughty or nice, deserves lots and lots of love. We’re not saying our jerky is better than belly rubs, but it’s a close second.” Phoebe and Frank completely agree.

The jerky is packed full of 85 per cent meat, making it high in protein and lip-smackingly delicious. Edgard and Cooper added: “This jerky is all about showing the love. You don’t need an excuse to let your dog know how much they mean to you, and these simple treats are a tasty, healthy way to do just that. Chewy and delicious, they’re a great treat for those cuddly nights on the sofa.”

Our followers will know how much we love the Edgard and Cooper Busy Day Bars, and Phoebe’s favourite is the duck and chicken version. One of our family traditions is to head out on a pre-dinner walk on Christmas Day, and this snack bar is ideal for popping in your pocket to fuel your dog’s very exciting day until lunchtime.

This grain-free recipe is made using the finest cuts of duck and chicken, wonderfully combined with broccoli, peas and carrots. That means, not only are they absolutely delicious, they’re also an amazing source of energy-rich protein, vitamins and minerals.

Then, you can complete your dog’s Christmas outfit with the Edgard and Cooper bow wow bow tie, in the iconic teal branding, just like the tin. It even adjusted to fit Phoebe and Frank, but if you had an even bigger dog you could tie it onto their collars for a festive look.

And the fun doesn’t stop there – on the inside of the cardboard sleeve that hugs the tin, is a recipe for snowball treats, using the kibble and wet food from the tin, alongside some cupboard staples, which any little one’s in the house would love to get involved in making.

All of the packaging from the box is biodegradable or endlessly recyclable, or in the case of the tin itself, reusable or up-cyclable! Not just that, but Edgard and Cooper will donate 1% of sales to their Foundation, which aims works to ‘improve the lives of dogs and cats today and avoid harm tomorrow’.

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