Edgard and Cooper Busy Day Bars for on-the-go adventures

The Edgard and Cooper Busy Day Bars are an absolutely essential item if you’re heading out on a day trip or staycation with your dog. We’ll be packing plenty for our Cornish holiday this summer!

The bars are essentially pooch protein bars – a nutritious snack designed to keep your dog going and provide a boost of energy until their next meal. They come in four flavours your dog will find delicious, including:

  • Brilliant Beef (beef, broccoli, cranberry)
  • Duck and Chicken (chicken, duck, broccoli, carrot)
  • Choice Chicken (chicken, apple, cranberry)
  • Lovely Lamb and Beef (beef, lamb, beetroot, apple)

The packaging for all of the Edgard and Cooper products is beautiful, coming in blue, pink, orange and green. The wrapper is 100% biodegradable, as part of the brands aim to become ‘the world’s most sustainable pet food’. At Hounds, the Busy Day Bars retail at £2 each, and Edgard and Cooper give 1% of their sales to the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka.

The Edgard and Cooper Busy Day bars are shaped a little like a Dairy Milk chocolate bar, with score marks indicating pieces that can be broken off for your dog. The recipes are all grain-free, and are the pawfect protein-packed energy-boost for your dog – they can’t conquer the world on an empty stomach, after all!

When travelling down to Cornwall, we get up super early and travel from around 6am through to 11am. We don’t like to feed Phoebe and Frank before the journey, but when we stop at services around 8-8.30am, it’s the perfect time to give them a Busy Day Bar to get them through to 11am, where we’ll give them their breakfast at the caravan. It also means they’ve got something to keep them entertained whilst we have a cuppa and a croissant pitstop!

The snack bars are also really handy for beach days or woodland adventures when you’ve all been having far too much fun to head home, but don’t want your dog to go hungry! The on-the-go snack can be broken up and fed as smaller treats throughout a walk, or as a bar. We tend to break one up and share it between Phoebe and Frank and see how they get on – we can always crack open another if we need to!

Will you be taking a Busy Day Bar on your next adventure? Use code SCAMPS for 10% off at Hounds!