Animology Paw and Nose balm – first impressions

With the warmer weather creeping in, have you noticed you’re getting chapped lips and dry skin? If you’re needing to use lip balm, then your dogs probably need to be using paw and nose balm.

Your dogs paws are absolutely incredible – they’re adorable weatherproof pads from which your dog sweats, so it’s really important to take care of them.

Paw and nose balm for dogs is just like using a hand cream yourself, to protect your skin and nails. It can help repair cracked or rough pads, and help prevent an injury in the first place, by creating a semi-permeable barrier between their paws and their environment.

In summer, The Scamps spend a lot more time in the garden running around and lazing about. Just like people, the change in the weather and conditions can have an effect on the skin. So, I decided to pick up a new balm for Phoebe and Frank to try, and went for the Animology Paw and Nose balm, as we have already tried their shampoos.

The Animology Paw and Nose balm comes in a 50ml tube, and costs around £7, dependant on where you pick it up. The recipe is 100% vegan, comprising of almond oil, jojoba wax, shea butter, oat oil and vitamin E, promising to moisturise and soothes a dog’s nose and paws.

Most nose and paw balms come in a metal tin, and I quite liked that this one was in a squeezy tube – with very cute pink branding. Typical balms are quite solid, and the Animology one is softer, so spreads super easily and doesn’t need to be warmed on the fingers before application. It’s still a thick enough consistency for a controlled amount of product to be squeezed out, but Animology say it also ‘helps prevent dirty fingers contaminating the product’.

The product – suitable for dogs aged over six months – has a very light fragrance and feels oilier than waxy, most of which absorbs quickly. I apply a small amount to the tip of my index finger, and then gently massage it into Phoebe and Frank’s paw pads – and pop the left over residue on their nose, as they don’t suffer with cracked noses, but prevention is better than cure!

Dogs – as a general rule – aren’t huge fans of their paws being touched, as they can feel quite sensitive, or vulnerable. Rescues may have had a previous negative experience that causes them to be cautious of people holding their paws, which can make tasks like nail trimming a challenge. Using paw balm, and making it an enjoyable experience for your pooch will help them get used to having their paws handled, and build trust with dogs who are nervous about being touched on their paws.

After our first use, Phoebe and Frank were inclined to start licking their paws, but this was deterred with a distractive treat. The following day, their paws felt really soft and supple, and noses looked healthy. We’re overall pretty pleased with the results of the Animology Paw and Nose Balm, and it’s quite well priced, too. We can’t wait to try out more paw and nose balms to see how they compare.