Animology dog shampoo for fast stress-free baths

Bath time is a real battle with Phoebe, so when we were looking for the best shampoo, we chose Animology for being quick, easy, uncomplicated and sensitive.

We rescued Phoebe when she was around two years old, and had clearly not had much time spent with her in her previous home. And she had certainly never seen a bathtub. We had to give her a bath almost as soon as she was home, and she was less than impressed. The second she realises the water is running for her, she will go and seek out a hiding space, and an attempt to get her into the tub is met with flailing paws.

Frank, on the other hand, has endured bath time from pup, so is relatively chill about the process – though doesn’t particularly love it. To reduce stress and get the traumatic experience over and done with as soon as possible, we use Animology products – which have an easy rinse formula to speed up tub time.

Animology Dogs Body

We first purchased the Animology Dogs Body shampoo for Phoebe as it’s an all-breed shampoo with a built in conditioner with Vitamin B5. It can be used on all skin types and is suitable for dogs over six weeks old, so I was confident it would be gentle on Phoebe’s skin. When we first had her, her coat was quite patchy on her neck and chest, but this has since grown back super thick and lush.

Animology Dogs Body features the brands fresh signature scent, and doesn’t strip the coats natural oils, which leaves them feeling silky and soft. The easy rinse means that once they’ve had a good scrub, the suds can be washed off quickly so we don’t have a soapy dog attempting to run around the house.

Animology Puppy Love

When we got Frank, we decided to pick up the Puppy Love shampoo. At the time I made the assumption that this would be better for puppy coats, but with both formulas being suitable for puppies over six weeks, they’re pretty similar. The Puppy Love shampoo has a gentle fragrance that doesn’t smell artificial, and leaves their coats looking bright and shiny.

A 250ml squeezy bottle costs just £5.50. It’s definitely one of the more affordable dog shampoo brands on the market. We’re always so pleased about their coats after, too. Phoebe and Frank are both brindle, so post-bath, their markings look stunning. Phoebe’s red stripes look so glossy, and even Frank’s darker brindle has more contrast.

Animology Star Pups

For our most recent bath I picked up the Animology Star Pups body mist, which is also £5.50. The 150ml spray bottle is suitable for ‘all dog life stages’ and contains no alcohol, sulphates, parabens or silicones. Once our soggy doggies had dried – seeing as the hairdryer is a no-no – I spritzed a small amount of the product over their backs. It’s important to avoid their eyes and ears, so I sprayed the product from behind. The Star Pups fragrance smells of shea butter and vanilla, which is a super cosy scent and one I frequently use in my own body lotion. The scent isn’t overly long-lasting, but it probably doesn’t help that we’ve got a pair of grass-rollers! But it’s a gorgeous fragrance whilst it lasts.