Sunday pampers with the Sniffe and Likkit grooming range

Much like human shampoos, there are tonnes of pet grooming products on the market that simply aren’t worth it. Many pet shampoos are full of chemicals and often smell incredibly medical, or are packed full of artificial fragrance that can irritate the skin.

Sniffe and Likkit are a boutique grooming brand that have created a range of at-home products that are vegan friendly and pH balanced, using a clever blend of fragrances your dog will love.

Their 100% natural essential oil signature scent has been researched to offer dogs an amazing aromatherapy experience, and it runs through their entire range, from shampoo to paw balm. The woody scent is said to be a familiar reminder of the natural, grassy woodland smells from their favourite walks, which creates a ‘soothing and calming sensation’ for dogs’.

Sniffe and Likkit said: “Your dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times more powerful than yours. It’s a skill that puts your canine’s nose at the centre of their world. And its an incredible super-power that can be harnessed to improve their wellbeing

“We worked with a specialist aromatherapist and some very picky pets to create 100% natural essential oil blends that not only smell amazing to humans, but delight our dogs too.”

We gave The Scamps a Sunday pamper session with the Sniffe and Likkit grooming range, starting with a bath using their Fragrant Fur Coat 3-in-1 brightening and conditioning shampoo.

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The gently cleansing soap offers a small amount of lather, which is usually the sign of a soap that actually works. If it’s all sud, it’s a dud! It uses Quilaja Bark soap to cleanse, with antibacterial herbs and ingredients, alongside shea butter for moisturising.

In terms of smell, there are five carefully considered fragrances added to the Sniffe and Likkit Woodland Wonderfur™ scent, each with their own beneficial properties:

  • Cedarwood bark – antibacterial, good for fleas and ticks, circulation booster, soothing and calming, good for dry skin problems
  • Petitgrain – an uplifting citrus scent, petitgrain is calming, deodorising, antibacterial, an antioxidant and natural tonic booster
  • Juniper berry – a powerful antiseptic which is good for soothing minor skin problems
  • Ho leaf – with a clean, sweet, floral scent, ho leaf can help with respiratory issues, as well as being a gentle antiseptic and a natural deoderant
  • Vetiver – smelling of earthy notes, vetiver is a grounding oil and can help reduce anxiety and stress

Following some bribery with peanut butter, we bathed both dogs in this earthy shampoo and rinsed away, and the colour of the bath water was enough to know it had done it’s job. But even when wet, it was obvious that Phoebe and Frank’s fur was cleaner and brighter.

We grabbed the Sniffe and Likkit Glove My Dog – a soft bamboo towel with little pockets at each end for your hands. The environmentally-friendly towel is said to have an ‘ultra-fine microporous structure that gives it superior benefits over cotton’ – but we just know it helped dry them off really quickly, making it a less stressful ordeal for all.

The silky soft towel is one-size, but has a good amount of stretch in it to suit most dogs – it was a great size for Phoebe and Frank. It’s also allergy-friendly, and won’t aggravate skin conditions, whilst being resistant to odour, mould and mildew.

Once dried off we took Phoebe and Frank downstairs for a very quick nail trim with our own slippers, and massaged in some of the Sniffe and Likkit Fab Paw balm. The rich and nourishing butter balm helps calm, soothe and condition dry, cracked paw pads, and protect them from the elements. With the recent change in weather, you might have noticed your skin feeling itchy and dry, and it’s just the same for your dogs, so be sure to add a nice barrier onto the paw pads, and even the nose.

The vegan paw balm combines Vitamin E with Paw Paw, coconut oil, sweet almond and sunflower oil, with shea butter and wheatgerm oil, all known to soothe, nourish and protect skin. It’s worth keeping this little tin nearby for weekend pamper sessions to ensure your pooch’s paws stay in tip top condition.

I don’t like to spritz the dos with pawfume until they’re completely dry, so an hour or two later, I grabbed the Sniffe and Likkit Give a Dog Cologne, which has that same Woodland Wonderfur™ fragrance that’s present throughout the grooming range. The fine mist not only makes your dog smell great, but think of it as a little aromatherapy session for them – a little botanical spa treatment to help them relax (after their post-bath zoomies, of course).

When that doggy smell begins to creep back in after a few weeks, then to save popping them in the bath again, Sniffe and Likkit have developed the No Rinse Charming dry shampoo powder. It’s like putting talc on three-day hair, but for dogs! Made with multani mitti clay powder, oatmeal powder and rye powder, it’s an all-natural solution to a smelly pup without the stress of a bath. It’s good for soothing dry, itchy skin and helps rid the fur of dirt and impurities.

Not only is this a great freshen-up product for between baths, or even between grooms if your pup goes to the pros for their pamper, but it’s also great to pack for holidays and weekends away too. We’ll definitely be packing this when we head down to Cornwall to use after beach days!