Kong ZoomGroom Vs. American Bulldog fur – testing out the viral grooming brush

Wherever Winston goes, he always manages to leave a collection of white fur in his place, whether that’s from brushing up against your black jeans, to covering the sofa in a mass of hair. He’s always seemed to moult excessively, and so far we’ve put it down to him having developed a thicker coat when he lived in kennels for two years. Now it’s summer time, you only need to stroke him and see a cloud of white fur come off him, so it was time to try and tackle his loose hairs.

I’ve heard great things about the Kong ZoomGroom, and it regularly gets mentioned by groomers on TikTok who use it in a professional capacity. When I popped into Hounds, there was just one left on the shelf for £7.79, so I snapped it up. Hounds use these in the groomers for de-sheds as they don’t damage the coat, and can be used on wet or dry fur.

You’ll quite often find that at-home grooming products from the high street are targeted towards cockapoos, doodles and double-coated breeds to avoid matting. The Kong ZoomGroom suitable for all breeds, which is much better for Winston and The Scamps, who all have short, smooth coats. It comes in blue or raspberry, and we got the raspberry one, which has small rubber teeth to help clean the coat and massage your dogs’ skin.

When bathing your pooch, you can add the shampoo to the brush and use it to work in the product, with the three-quarter inch rubber fingers reaching through the coat to loosen dirt and get them clean.

On a sunny Saturday, we had Winston out in the garden for a brush, and I was so shocked at how much hair the ZoomGroom collected! Winny was a really good sport and lay on the grass soaking up the attention whilst I brushed his left side. I found that around his hocks and neck were where the hair moulted most, and within minutes, I’d brushed out a whole handful of white fur! I repeated grooming him on the other side and away came another handful, which would hopefully prevent the furniture and my clothes being covered for the rest of the day.

Regular brushing helps release dead hair, cuts down on shedding and helps distribute your dogs skins’ natural oils for a healthy looking coat. You should brush your dog every couple of days with the ZoomGroom no matter how long their coat is. Phoebe and Frank love the ZoomGroom as much as Winston, and Phoebe will even ask to be brushed! We find that she also moults around her neck a lot this time of year, but the Kong brush really helps keep her coat in check.

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