Woofbrush dental sticks from Lily’s Kitchen – how long do they last?

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Phoebe and Frank’s teeth are in great condition, but it’s really important to not become complacent when it comes to your dog’s dental hygiene. I say this as someone that has been to the dentist once in five years – The Scamps get theirs checked far more frequently.

Prices and sizing

The Woofbrush, by Lily’s Kitchen, was launched in 2018 in a bid to tackle doggy dental care. Ranging from £4.50 to £7.00 a pack, the sticks come in mini, small, medium and large.

You get seven chews in each resealable packet – besides the mini, where there is 10. As they’re supposed to be used daily, one pack will last one dog a week. The packets also have a weight range displayed on the packet, showing which size Woofbrush is best for the size of your dog.

Phoebe and Frank opted for the medium Woofbrushes, which are recommended for dogs that are 11kg to 25kg, and over six months old. Be sure the choose the correct size for your pooch – and always supervise them with treats and chews.

Ingredients and benefits

Ingredients used in the dental stick include potato flour, algae, fennel, coconut oil, green tea extract and parsley.

Parsley is a natural breath freshener for your dog, as is fennel, which also aids indigestion and supports the immune system. Coconut oil is typically associated with aiding healthy skin and coat, but its also  natural toothpaste. It helps eliminate bacteria and help prevent plaque. Finally green tea helps fight bacterial infections and has dental benefits, often used to prevent gingivitis.

The Woofbrush has been created alongside vets and has a ‘chewy bubbly texture’ in a tube like shape. Phoebe and Frank put them to the test to see how long they would last. As it’s the chewing generating saliva that helps clean the teeth, the longer the chew lasts, the better the job it’s doing at keeping teeth and gums healthy.

The Scamps’ verdict

Frank’s medium Woofbrush lasted 2 minutes and 34 seconds, whilst Phoebes lasted 16 seconds longer. This is probably a little quicker than I’d like, but was longer than other brands we’ve tested.

I think a large size Woofbrush would be better for Phoebe and Frank as they are quite strong chewers. Tthe large Woofbrushes are recommended for dogs 25kg to 30kg, Phoebe and Frank are only 22kg to 25kg, but I think the bigger size would be more suitable for The Scamps, and last a touch longer.

They did produce quite a bit of saliva though, which is a real positive. Frank drools the second you open the cupboard at the thought of a possible biscuit, so it was no wonder he was slobbering all over his Woofbrush. Phoebe doesn’t typically drool at the sight of food, but chewing on the Woofbrush generated a decent amount to help promote good oral care. Though, it is important to note that a dental stick or Woofbrush can’t fix an existing dental issue, and should be used as a preventative measure.

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