Skinner’s energy and recovery bars for a big walk boost

If nothing else positive came out of the pandemic, it’s safe to say most of us will never take a dog walk for granted again. At some points of 2020, it was quite literally the only thing we had to look forward to – just you and your four-legged family members.

One bonus of pulling on my wellies and exploring the great outdoors with my dogs was that I got to discover so many fun and interesting walks just a stones throw away from our home. Now we can venture further afield, which lends itself to even more adventures and opportunities to explore our amazing county. But great adventures need something to fuel them – so Skinner’s have launched two unique treat bars perfect for during and after big walks.

Celebrating its 50th year of feeding the nation’s canine companions, heritage dog food brand Skinner’s has created the new range Get Out & Go range, designed to offer energy for active dogs, encouraging owners to pull on their trainers and, well, get out and go!

Alongside a whole selection of wet and dry food and treats, Skinner’s have released a new energy bar and recovery bar packed full of nutrients to give your pooch a boost.

The energy bar includes ingredients like chicken, whey powder, dried eggs and dextrose for fast release energy and a boost of protein so that your walking buddy can keep their nose to the ground for longer. They’re ideal for dogs who might benefit from a boost on a particularly busy or active day, or for dogs who are slowing down or struggle to maintain their energy levels.

Skinner’s energy bar is such a handy size, so fits easily into backpack compartments or coat pockets, and goes easy on the environment with plastic-free and compostable packaging. As the bar is a soft-bake, it can be easily broken into pieces and fed intermittently throughout a long walk – just don’t forget your bowl and fresh water!

After exploring the countryside, dog’s might need some help replenishing their glucose, so Skinner’s created the recovery bar for a post-walk pick-me-up. This bar – also a soft-bake – is made with chicken, banana, blueberries and dextrose to aid recovery. Chicken and banana are both high up on Phoebe and Frank’s top treats list, and so this one went down a storm after a walk around Knypersley Reservoir.

This bar is ideal for active dogs who need a digestible snack following a demanding day, or for dogs that would benefit from some recovery support for consistent performance. Rich in carbs to support recovery, as well as protein for maintenance, repair and recovery, this complimentary bar also features ingredients like honey to help support muscle glycogen recovery and glucosamine to aid joint recovery.

Both of these bars are really handy, and especially good to stock up on if you’re training for an event with your dog or heading on an energetic staycation, but they’re great just to have in the cupboard for those extra long weekend walks where you lose track of time because you’re just having too much fun. I love that they have eight little chunks that spells out Skinners, which was a really nice branding touch.