Sainsbury’s are selling the cutest £16 pyjamas for dopamine dressing dog mums of any breed

You know when you go into the supermarket for one or two essentials, but something just catches your eye and you have to have it? That’s what happened with this stunning loungewear set earlier this month.

As someone who works from home most of the time, I practically live in pyjamas when I’m in the house – partially for the comfort factor, but also so that I’m not constantly lint rollering my jeans living with two hairy hounds. 

When I spotted this pair in my local Sainsbury’s, I didn’t need much of an excuse to add them to my basket along with my milk and chicken gyozas.

It was a loungewear shirt that had caught my eye initially, but without the trousers, I wasn’t interested, and I wanted something a little more lightweight as we head into Spring. I couldn’t actually see the bottoms to this set at first because they were folded under the top, but I was drawn in by the vibrant blue short sleeved t-shirt and the soft cotton fabric. 

I was practically giddy with glee when I lifted it up and caught a glimpse of the pooch print pattern, and the fact that they were a full length trouser over a short – it’s not that warm yet.

I’ve noticed with a lot of dog-print PJs, they tend to always feature French bulldogs and Dachshunds, which is great – if you have a Frenchie or a sausage. But this TU Clothing set sees a whole host of breeds, including poodles, bull breeds, retrievers and some that could arguably represent mixed breeds. 

The all-over design features a bright, bold colour palette, including pink, orange, yellow, green and finally blue, to match the shade of the top to tie it all together.

The marl tee is complete with the slogan ‘wellbeing’ in a contrasting pop of pink, which I thought was really sweet, since dogs really do boost our wellbeing. In fact, my old university used to get Guide Dogs to come in and cuddle the students as part of their wellbeing programme. 

The bottoms are made of viscose, and have a straight leg design and an elasticated waist for ultimate comfort. They are true to size, available in 8-26, with the top not being too tight, nor too baggy, either.

Priced at £16, they’re affordable and feel as though to be a nice lightweight but durable quality. They’re the ultimate dog mum uniform for lazy Sundays snuggled up with the Scamps on the sofa, are fun, stylish and the perfect way to bring dopamine dressing into your loungewear wardrobe. 

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