Four Easter treats for dogs to enjoy this Bank Holiday weekend

With Easter approaching quickly, you may already be thinking about the perfect way to treat your dog this year, especially because they can’t eat chocolate. However, just because they can’t join in on the chocolate egg action, doesn’t mean they have to miss out on some yummy treats over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Whether planning a family meal or organising an egg-citing treasure hunt, we’ve picked out some of our favourite seasonal products that will help your pooch get involved in the family fun this April.

With prices from £3-11, they’re all really affordable, fun, and most importantly, safe ways to celebrate the Spring event this year. Featuring a range of treats, meals and special cakes – here are our top Easter picks for dogs in 2023.

Denzel’s Spring Bites

Launched in 2022 and back again for a second year are Denzel’s limited edition Spring Bites – a seasonal take on their soft and squishy treats made with lamb, carrots and spring vegetables.

Low in sugar, grain free and low cal, these training treats are ideal for snuffle mats or treat dispensers this Bank Holiday weekend to offer some enrichment during what can typically be quite an overwhelming day – especially if there’s children around. 

You could load up a mat, or a toy, and take your pooch into a quiet room for 15 minutes to unwind, which will make them just as tired as a 30-40 minute walk.

Gently baked in carbon-neutral woodchip ovens, the treats are often made using fresh wonky fruit from local suppliers that would have otherwise gone to waste. They’re then packaged in their 100% plastic-free and biodegradable packaging, which can be thrown straight into the regular rubbish bin. The packaging is then taken to landfill where it naturally breaks down in 30 weeks, rather than 300 years, like single use plastic.

Suitable for dogs over four months old, the packs contain around 110 treats, and are available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and on the Denzel’s website.

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Pooch and Mutt Easter Meaty Treats

New for 2023 are the Pooch and Mutt Easter Meaty Treats, which are suitable for all breeds and ages from 12 weeks old. The recipe features lamb, chicken and vegetables that are naturally in season to produce an even better taste, including peas and parsley.

Hypoallergenic and puppy-friendly, these almond-shaped bites somewhat resemble an egg, and are formulated with added probiotics, just like the rest of Pooch and Mutt’s meaty treats range. Probiotics contribute to a healthy gut flora and support the immune system, combined with collagen for skin and coat condition, too.

A healthy gut can have many positive benefits on the body including improved mood and cognitive function, better nutrient uptake leading to healthier skin and coat, firmer stools and healthier digestion as well as supporting the immune system and helping to fight inflammation.

Priced at £3.99 per pack, the pricing is in line with the rest of the range, and offers good value for money in terms of the amount of treats in the bag, too. 

Coming in a resealable pouch for extra freshness, why not create an ‘Easter egg hunt’ for your pooch by hiding some of these around the living room and getting them to use their nose to sniff them out? 

You can buy these on the Pooch and Mutt website here.

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Lily’s Kitchen Easter Feast

Since our pups can’t eat chocolate, or hot cross buns, it’s only fair we offer them a feast of their own this springtime with a tasty lunch instead. To help owners celebrate Easter with their canine companions this April, Lily’s Kitchen have launched a Limited Edition Easter Feast recipe, to enjoy on Easter Sunday.

Complete with a Spring themed green wrapper, the Easter Feast features the Lily’s Kitchen mascot with a seasonal update – the iconic little dog updated with little bunny ears for the limited-time dish. The branding looks very cute, with ‘Easter Feast’ written on the front of the tin in a curly font.

The nutritionally complete meal has been made with 60 per cent freshly prepared lamb, served up with asparagus for added dietary fibre, potatoes for energy, crispy kale packed with protein, manganese and iron and, the ultimate lamb accompaniment – mint – containing added vitamins and minerals.

Grain free and suitable for dogs over four months old, the recipe also features savoy cabbage, minerals and flaxseed – sounding almost good enough to eat yourself.

Available exclusively online via the Lily’s Kitchen website, the Easter Feast costs £3.70 for a 400g tin and makes for the perfect Bank Holiday banquet for our four-legged family members.

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Doggy Baking Co Carrot Cake Mix

If you’re looking for something even more special this Easter, look no further than the Doggy Baking Co and their easy, no-mess, but most importantly, delicious carrot cake mix.

Part of the Bottled Baking Co brand, these recyclable glass bottles contain almost everything you need to create a delicious dog-friendly cake in one easy bottle. The all-in-one recipe already contains wholemeal wheat flour, oats, dried carrot and baking powder – all you need from the kitchen is three large eggs, 100g Peanut Butter, 100ml Sunflower Oil and 250ml water.

Each recyclable glass bottle is hand filled in Yorkshire to create the pretty layers that sit in the bottle, using human grade ingredients, which means – if you really wanted to – there’s no harm in taste testing the finished results yourself.

The bottle’s label comes with all of the instructions to bake your dog’s cake – but it really couldn’t be simpler. It’s a matter of adding it all to a bowl, mixing, and banging it in the over for 30 minutes. Even with prep, you’ll be mixed, baked, cleaned up and taste testing all within the hour.

Packed with beta-carotene, the high-fibre bake actually contributes to your dog’s normal, healthy digestion, too – just be sure not to let your dog over indulge.

Dog parents interested in purchasing a Doggy Baking Co mix and hosting their own pup pawty can grab theirs for £10.99 here.

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