Six Broadreach Nature products to boost your dog’s health – AD

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Promoting good digestive health, a stronger immune system and healthy joints and bones is something we’ve always been passionate about at Lady & The Scamps. When Phoebe first came to live with us, she was terribly poorly with a bacterial infection in her gut which took three courses of antibiotics to get under control. We think her low immune system was a result of not going out much in her first home, and so, when she arrived in rescue she was exposed to a whole host of new things where she may have picked up the infection. Since then, we’ve always been keen to support both Phoebe and Frank’s digestion and gut health through things like supplements, natural yoghurt and fruit and veggies.

Broadreach Nature offer a plethora of veterinary formulated, natural pet supplements, food and treats for dogs, cats and other small furries. The brand was launched in 2015 by Anne, after her labrador Honey suffered with painful hip problems. She struggled to find a natural product to offer support, so developed a range of advanced quality health supplements, bringing in top experts in their field to help formulate and develop these products.

Now, six years on, Broadreach Nature offer 47 different products – from supplements to treats – and have planted 400 trees in a bid to show their commitment to the environment. Phoebe and Frank have been trying out some of their products for the past month, and we’ve been really impressed with the results.


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Here are six Broadreach Nature products to help you boost your dog’s health:

Advanced Digestive Probiotic for Dogs and Puppies

This tub of 60 soft chews come in at £26.99 and are suitable for dogs aged four months and up. The probiotic chew supports and balances the GI environment in your dogs gut, to encourage helpful bacteria through the GI tract. You know those adverts for Yakult and the likes of? This is the Yakult of the dog world, and is really easy to get into their system because it just looks like a regular treat. Even the most suspicious of dogs won’t turn their nose up at this.

We’ve been adding the probiotics to Phoebe and Frank’s breakfast daily. One benefit of adding probiotics to your dogs diet is that is promotes regular bowel movements, as well as being a defence against potential pathogens. The PB6 probiotic found in the Broadreach Nature product contains 1 bullion probiotics which survives through the whole GI tract to restore the balance in the gut.

The probiotics are made with human grade ingredients, and should be fed in accordance with your dogs weight. For Phoebe and Frank’s weight (between 19kg and 35kg) they should have three chews a day.

Omega EFA Advanced Oil for Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens

For a glossy coat and healthy skin, Phoebe and Frank have been enjoying a teaspoon of Omega Essential Fatty Acids Advanced Oil with each meal. The 236ml bottle costs £29.99, and the correct dose is half a teaspoon for every 10kg your dog weighs, taken twice a day from the age of four months and up.

The naturally fish flavoured oil supports your dogs skin, coat, joints and heart, and is one of the most concentrated formulas available. The hypoallergenic oil has left their fur looking super shiny and healthy, and feels like velvet to touch. They look beautiful, and it’s been even more noticeable in to sunny weather!

Phoebe was previously being a bit fussy with her breakfast and would refuse to eat in the mornings, but since we’ve been adding the Breadreach Nature oil to it, she’s been the first one in the kitchen come 9am!

Relaxing Moments Calming Room Spray for Dogs and Puppies

This Broadreach Nature relaxing moments calming room spray is going to be a godsend come Halloween, Bonfire Night and New Years Eve. In fact, it’s already proven itself as a wonder-product after we spritzed it in the car for a half hour car journey! Phoebe usually spends the entire car ride trying to jump from the boot to the backseat, and panting in anticipation of adventure. We sprayed the Relaxing Moments Calming Room Spray into the boot of the car 10 minutes before setting off, and both Scamps were as good as gold for the ride. We’ll definitely be packing it for our six hour journey down to Cornwall!

One bottle costs £19.99, but you only need to use a small amount for it to be effective. Suitable for puppies aged 12 weeks and above, it can be used in a range of situations an anxious pooch may find themselves in, such as:

  • Separation
  • Travel
  • Fireworks
  • Meeting New Pets
  • Visiting Groomers
  • Visiting Vets
  • Storms
  • Moving House

The spray is made with a special blend of fragrance extracts to simulate canine pheromones and help provide a feeling of reassurance, and the effects can last up to eight hours!

Digestion Reward Treats – 65% Duck and Chicken for Dogs, Cats, Kittens and Puppies

These fabulous bone shaped treats are the perfect way to aid digestion for dogs of all ages. Costing just £4.99 per pack, they’re made with 40% freshly prepared duck, 24% freshly prepared chicken, 13% sweet potato, potato, peas, vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins.

Recommended by vets and approved by nutritionists, they’re a brilliant training reward  that are grain, dairy, wheat and gluten free! It’s safe to say these didn’t last long in our house. They’re ideal for taking on walks, or for teaching your dog a new trick, whilst still boosting their overall health.

80% Fish and Potato Natural Training and Reward Treats for Dogs and Puppies

If you’re looking for something to top up the treat tin with, these 100% natural British-made training treats are great. Made with 80% freshly prepared and gently steam cooked fish, they sound almost good enough to eat yourself. They contain 48% salmon, 14% trout, 8% white fish, as well as potato and sweet potato, with no artificial additives.

They’re available in 100g bags for £3.49, or 500g bags for £9.49, and are even shaped into little fish! We found the size a bit small for our staffy crosses, but they would be perfect for any puppies and small breeds. Phoebe and Frank need a couple to make it worth their while!

80% Poultry and Potato Natural Training and Reward Treats for Dogs and Puppies

These training treats are similar to the ones above, but made with 34% chicken, 30% duck, 16% turkey, potato and chicken gravy. Broadreach Nature says: “Made with all-natural ingredients this range of treats can be used as a complementary food for your dog or puppy. Feed at any time as a treat or reward – your pets will love them.”

Also priced at £3.49 to £9.49 for a 100g or 500g bag respectively, these treats are said to help clean puppy teeth and promote gum health! Instead of being fish shaped, these ones are small bones. Because of their small size, we like to use these in puzzle games or treat dispensers to get Phoebe and Frank’s brain ticking.