Inside the Paws for a Cause dog subscription box

Treats, toys and accessories are just some of the eco-friendly products from independent brands found inside our Paws for a Cause subscription box.

Dedicated to sustainable, plastic free pet products, Paws for a Cause create monthly and quarterly subscription boxes which support the Plastic Oceans UK charity.

Paws for a Cause said: “Paws for a Cause was born from a passion to give our pets the very best things in life without compromising the health of the planet. While walking through a trade show one day we realised just how much of an impact our beloved pets have on the environment. Plastic toys, plastic poo bags, plastic feed bowls fill our pet shops and our pets homes.

“What if there was another way? A better way to treat our pets without adding to the colossal problem of plastic pollution. This was the birth of Paws for a Cause a subscription service for your pets that does just that. Not only does it provide your pet with wholesome and natural treats, toys from recycled and sustainable materials and products made ethically and as naturally as possible but we also actively promote and support Plastic Oceans by donating a percentage of our profits to them every month in order to join them in the battle to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.”

What are the Paws for a Cause subscription options?

The Paws for a Cause monthly subscription costs £7 a month, or £84 for the year. It’s suitable for dogs under 22kg, and is always valued over £20. The pack contains two edible treats, a roll of biodegradable poo bags and an eco-friendly toy or practical product.

I ordered a Seasonal Dog Box, which I’d seen advertised on Facebook with 25% off. The box usually costs £35 every four months, or £100 billed annually. The bumper box promises to be packed with ‘fill-size, premium products’ and you are able to cancel your subscription at any time. If, like me, you always forget to cancel subscriptions, you can opt for a one-off box to try it out!

Paws for a Cause boxes are likely to include accessories, treats, themed treats, practical products, grooming products, chews, toys and sometimes homebake mixes! The contents are always a surprise, with a minimum of five products – but they promise there will be no single use plastic or rawhide in any of the boxes.

The subscription box brand added: “All of our products are sourced from reputable UK based suppliers. We support small independent businesses from across the UK and only the highest quality natural ingredients and materials make it into our boxes. Our products are naturally sustainable, eco friendly and good for the planet and your dog. We make sure that every product is tested and given the seal of approval by our dogs so that you can be sure that your dogs will love the contents of their box. If it doesn’t make our dogs happy then it does not go in your box!”

Here’s what we got inside our Paws for a Cause box!