Doodlebone’s Nuri Soft Bites that come in three tasty flavours

Doodlebone is a brand that has been a part of our daily lives as dog owners for years. We’ve been using their collars for around seven years and love them as an everyday accessory for The Scamps. I even have one of their extra small collars on my car keys that I use to ‘wear’ them on my wrist while out and about. Phoebe and Frank also have their colourful puffer coats for winter walks, so can you imagine my delight on discovering they now have a range of tasty treats to choose from, too?

Doodlebone’s Nuri Soft Bites are a range of healthy, grain-free dog treats that come in three meaty flavours that promise to be a delicious addition to your dog’s daily diet. Available in Brilliant Beef, Delishy Duck, and Super Salmon, each recipe contains 30 per cent of the ‘highest quality meat meal available’, ensuring a single source of protein, offering a more concentrated and easily digestible form compared to whole meat.“What’s more, the fat content can be lowered to below 10 per cent,” Doodlebone added, “and meat meal helps reduce waste too. It’s a win-win!”

We really like the variety of flavours, offering poultry, fish and livestock options, with each pack containing 100g of bone-shaped biscuits enriched with flaxseed – an important Omega 3 fatty acid – that are the perfect size for training and rewards. 

Priced at an affordable £3.50 per pack, these bags of treats are a great tin-filler and really handy to have in the house for those trick teaching sessions, walkies and more. There are around 70 treats in every bag, working out at 5p per bone.

The Doodlebone treats are cooked in wood-fired ovens without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, which Doodlebone says is their ‘secret for packing in bags of flavour’. And tasty as they may be, Doodlebone recommends feeding no more than 10 of the biscuits a day as a supplement to your pooch’s normal healthy diet for a bit of variety and as a little reward. 

Doodlebone has once again won us over, this time not with their accessories, but another useful everyday tool in the form of a snack that supports your dog’s overall well-being. These grain-free bones, complete with their added health benefits, are a tasty and convenient option for busy homes that are sure to go down tail-waggingly well no matter what flavour you choose. You can shop the Doodlebone Nuri Soft Bites here on the Doodlebone website.


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