Pooch and Mutt’s Christmas collection 2023 including ‘first of it’s kind’ advent calendar

Tis the season to overindulge in cheese boards, festive feasts and treats – and that’s just the dogs. The holiday season has never tasted so good for our four-legged companions, thanks to Pooch and Mutt’s 2023 Christmas range. This year, the popular pet brand has moved away from the traditional turkey treats that most doggy companies launch this time of year, opting instead for a collection focused on gooey cheese fondue goodness. 

The festive offerings include moreish meaty treats, delicious dental sticks, a festive dinner and not one, but two advent calendars that promise to make your pooch’s December days merry and bright.

With December drawing ever closer, the talk of the town is the luxury Dental Stick Advent Calendar. The first of its kind to ever exist, containing 24 doors of four delicious flavours including: Limited Edition Cheese Fondue, Peanut Butter, Turkey & Hemp and Spirulina & Mint. All flavours include Lignocellulose which is a natural source of fibre, and of course SHMP, to prevent tartar build-up to keep teeth looking incredible – ready for The Big Dog’s arrival.

The vegan calendar is undeniably premium. First of all, it’s absolutely huge. Behind each little window is an individually wrapped and colour coded dental stick for pooches to gnaw on, described as a game of ‘dental stick roulette’ for your four-legged friends. But with high quality comes a high price tag, with the calendar originally retailing for an eye-popping £39.99. I waited for it to come down in the sale to £20.99 before purchasing, because I really did consider the price point to be on the dear side – especially when you could buy four packs of dental sticks for less than £16 and essentially DIY it at home.

As we have a multi-dog household, I plan to either break these dental sticks in half, or save them all up and use them as a 12-day calendar after Christmas.

A cheaper alternative, though, comes in the form of the Cheese Fondue Dog Advent Calendar, which is £9.99.A grain-free delight for all breeds and puppies, this calendar is the ultimate calendar for cheese lover’s who can hear you pull a block of cheddar out of the fridge from the other end of the garden. 

Inside there are 24 melt-in-the-mouth cheese wedges, which are grain free and packed with turkey and collagen, as well as probiotics to support healthy digestion. Again there is only one treat behind each door, so you could buy the duo bundle for £17.98 and save a few pennies – or buy a pack of the cheesy treats and give one to each pup every morning.

An individual pack of the Cheese Fondue Meaty Treats comes in at a much more purse-friendly £3.99. These limited edition Cheese Fondue Meaty Treats are perfect for training or as a delightful nibble for Christmas guests to share with your hound. The blend of addictive succulent Turkey, Collagen, and Probiotics make them healthier and tastier, while the cheddar cheese gives them a bit of a pong – and we all know dogs can’t resist a stinky treat.

Also £3.99 is a pack of the Christmas Cheese Fondue Dental Sticks, which come in a pack of seven. “Cheese everyday?!” we hear you say? A daily dental stick is exactly what the Pooch Dentist recommends. Phoebe and Frank already love their core range of dental sticks, so this limited edition ofering will be sure to get them going crazy with their luxury cheese fondue Cheddar Cheese taste – which is also a great source of calcium to help support teeth and bones.

Now, the Pooch and Mutt Christmas Turkey Wet Food Dinner has sold out, but you can still get it as part of the Ski-sonal Dog Christmas Gift Box. This all-inclusive gift box costs £11.99 and includes a pack of meaty treats, a bag of dental sticks, the turkey and chicken wet food  and a roll of poo bags. 

The Turkey and Chicken Christmas Dinner is an unrivalled main course complete with ‘all the trimmings’. These festive meats alongside a medley of nourishing veg, means you’ll be giving your snow pooch a Christmas dinner to remember. All ingredients are fresh and natural, there’s added Prebiotics for healthy digestion, and the Christmas Dinner Wet Food comes in environmentally-friendly packaging. Bonus!

Christmas isn’t Christmas without all the cheese, and the same rule applies to our dogs, making Pooch and Mutt’s 2023 Christmas collection the perfect choice for your cheddar-obsessed canine. You can treat your furry friend to the ultimate ski-sonal indulgence range here.