Brewski’s dogs treats made with Brewdog Punk IPA beer byproduct

There’s a new sustainable treat brand on the block and they’ve teamed up with one of the UKs leading breweries for a ‘pupcycled’ collaboration – and there are more to come.

Born in lockdown, Brewski’s uses spent brewers grain to create tasty dog treats that are 100 per cent natural and 100 per cent delicious. Phoebe and Frank are already familiar with this process, having enjoyed BrewBix earlier this year. 

Around one kilogram of grain makes 10 pints of beer, and breweries in the UK produce around half a million tonnes of spent grain a year, which retains a lot of nutritional value – so it would be a shame to see it go to waste. So,  Brewski’s are teaming up with microbreweries across the country to put it to good use.

Their first collaboration is with Brewdog, using the spent grain from their iconic Punk IPA. 

Founder Clare said: “Lockdown freed us up to launch a new business doing great things for dogs, responsibly. We bake nutritious, delicious, tasty treats made from brewer’s spent grain so that craft beer fans can share the love with their BDFs. Using a by-product from the brewing process means that Brewski’s Beer Biscuits are made sustainably – they’re pup cycled!”

First of all the packaging is absolutely incredible, designed to look like a proper beer can with a ring pull top, too. It’s lightweight aluminium which can go in with the recycling – though you do have to be a bit careful when you remove the top as it can be quite sharp. You have to shake the treats out of it rather than placing your fingers into the can.

The biscuits inside are well sized and could easily be broken into two – maybe even three – for a smaller breed. The healthy treats contain no nasties and are low in fat, packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are designed to be beneficial to your dogs’ skin and coat. Owners might be concerned about hops (which are toxic), but brewer’s spent grain is removed from the brewing process before fermentation takes place and hops are added, so Brewski’s contain neither alcohol or hops, which are harmful to dogs.

The ingredients list only contains wheat, flour, brewers grain, brewers yeast, olive oil, linseed, as well as some fruits, vegetables and botanicals, including carrots, cranberry rosehip, liquorice, devils claw root, milk thistle and peppermint.

Suitable for dogs over 12 weeks old, the biscuits are good for your pup, kind to the planet and support a charity dear to my heart: Street Paws.

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Clare added: “As well as doing our bit with sustainable grainables we’ve pledged to give 2.5 per cent of our profits to UK charity Street Paws. They make a real difference to homeless people and their dogs by providing free vet care, emergency kennel space and by advocating to allow dogs into hostels, meaning those living on the streets can access essential services.”

We paid £3.60 a tub for these at Darwin’s Pet Supplies, but you can get a two-pack at Brewski’s for £6.50, a four-pack for £12.50 or even a 24 pack for less than £60. We love the idea, the packaging, the branding and design, as well as the fact they’re environmentally conscious, natural and healthy, adding a bit of crunchy excitement to Phoebe and Frank’s day while supporting a charity we love. We can’t wait to see which microbreweries they team up with next.