Six Cocopup products you need to match with your dog – including iPhone case and treat pouch

I love twinning with the Scamps, whether it’s as subtle as matching a scrunchie to their collars, or wearing a jumper with their literal faces on it. And when I just so happened to need a new phone case and a collapsible travel bowl at the same time, I was able to find them both in the same place on Cocopup!

When presented with a digital wheel of discount code fortune and snapped up a 20 per cent off code, I treated the Scamps and I to a few other goodies, too – because it would be rude not to, right?

For those new to Cocopup, they’re the canine counterpart to Coconut Lane, ‘the sassiest site around’, and stock a range of high-quality, Instagrammable products that mean you can match your accessories to your dogs in one easy and convenient site.

So whether you’re looking for Christmas presents for your dog-obessessed bestie, or plan to treat you and your four-legged baby to some new accessories, here’s all the inspiration you need! We stuck with a mostly Ivory Tort design theme, but there are dozens of patterns to choose from, you’ll be certain to find one that matches your’s and your dog’s personality.

Here’s what we picked up in our most recent Cocopup haul – and we can guarantee it won’t be the last, either!

For hound

Foldable Travel Bowl 

We misplaced our Beco collapsible bowl while we were on holiday, which is the reason I found myself on the Cocopup website in the first place, checking out their foldable travel bowls. Typically, when unpacking, we found the Beco bowl – but we love this sleek nude design and how compactly it folds.

The bowl comes in five different colours, costing £12 each, and is ideal for fitting in walking bags or even pockets – it’s that compact! And as it comes with a handy Carabiner clip, Cocopup say you can even clip it to your belt, bag or the dog’s lead or harness.

I really like the square design, and with a 600ml capacity, it fits a full average-sized drinking bottle of water with space to spare. It’s also ideal for feeding dogs on-the-go, whether that’s at a service station en-route to adventure, or when you’ve stopped for a picnic on your favourite countryside walk. 

It’s really easy to clean, too, ready to be folded away until it’s next needed. You can shop the foldable dog bowls here.

Dog Collar Charms

These are the CUTEST accessories to add to your dogs collar, and show off their personality in an adorable way. Cocopup describe them as ‘like jewellery, but for your pups’ – and just like your favourite pair of earrings, you can take them on and off quickly with no faff, too.

With 16 collar charms to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your pooch down to the ground. Is your pup as much of a regular at your local coffee shop as you? Then you’ll love the Puppuccino collar charm, which I got for Frank because he’s an absolute fiend for a Starbucks. I have to drink mine in the car so he doesn’t know I’ve been without him.

Meanwhile, those that can’t get enough of a tummy tickle will be obsessed with Phoebe’s ‘Rub My Belly’ charm. I love how demanding this charm sounds, because it’s got Phoebe’s attitude all. over. it. 

Collar charms are priced at £7 each, and you can find the whole collection here.

Dog Bowl Mat 

Here’s where we start getting into tortoise shell territory. Anyone who knows me will know how much l love the print – it features prominently in many of my monthly manicures. It comes a very close second to leopard print as my favourite design.

I bought this dog bowl mat because our previous mat was getting tatty, and we were washing it constantly because it was fabric. I wanted something more wipeable for both ease and cleanliness, considering Frank’s incapable of having a drink without flooding the kitchen.

The Cocopup dog bowl mats are the ideal  solution for keeping your floors clean of food and water splashes during messy meal times. Complete with an anti-slip base they also help protect your tiles or wooden flooring from the bowls scratching them, and prevent bowls from making their way around the room and getting under your feet while you wash the dishes.

The cream and black design goes really well with our kitchen, and fits our two food and one water bowl just fine. Ideally, we’d like to get a second mat to spread the station a little better so the dogs aren’t on top of eachother while eating – but they’re perfect for single-dog households. Shop the mats here for £10.

Drawstring Treat Pouch

I’m a big advocate of training pouches and think they’re such a great tool, but all of ours were from various pet brands that had sent them over with PR packages and the likes, so I wanted something that felt a bit more ‘me’.

The pouch is a really good size and fits in a good amount of treats for you to use on walks and training sessions for almost a week. It’s got a drawstring closure to make sure snoots can’t get in, and a clip on the side for securing to bags and belts. Ideally, it’s also waterproof, meaning it can even be used on rainy walks. 

Whether you’re training or just wanting to reward your pup for being well behaved, the £9 pouch is a real winner and has helped curb Phoebe’s reactivity and Frank’s nervousness on walks, too.

For human

Phone Case

My previous phone case – which featured leopard print pumpkins – finally gave up the ghost last month, just ahead of it coming back into season, which was frustrating, but not unsurprising. However, it was the perfect excuse to get a new phone case from Cocopup’s sister company Coconut Lane. 

These can all be found on the same Cocopup website for ease, however, there are a wider range of products on Coconut Lane if you’re looking for other sassy styles from clothes and jewellery to laptop sleeves and watch straps.

Priced at £14, this case covers the back and sides of the phone, coming slightly over the front further protecting the screen. It’s made of soft, flexible plastic which means it bounces a little if dropped, or knocked out of your hand by a clingy pooch. 

I love that when out on a dog walk the training pouch matching my phone case makes everything look really cohesive and put together. Maybe I now need the Ivory Tort bag strap to jazz up my walking bag?

Airpods Case 

I was always putting my Airpods down and forgetting where I’d put them, but since getting this Airpods case, it’s not been a problem – and it matches my phone case perfectly. Chic, classy and coordinating, the £12 case has a little loop on it for attaching a keyring or clip so you can put your Airpods on your bag, or hang them somewhere you’ll always spot them when you think you’ve misplaced them.