We tried the Aldi dog friendly candles that neutralise pet odour

Whenever I pop into Aldi for a pint of milk or a box of teabags, I somehow end up leaving with seven shopping bags having forgotten what I went in for in the first place. The Specialbuys aisle is a dangerous place, and before you know it you’ve got a mini fridge, a new side table and half a dozen beauty dupes in your basket. 

Every few months, the German retailer holds a pet event, releasing some fantastic products for our four-legged companions. In previous months, we’ve picked up new indoor beds, a raised canopy bed for the garden, and beautiful stone effect feeding bowls.

In June, the budget supermarket launched a range of candles designed to eliminate pet odour, so you can keep your home smelling fresh and free from the ‘doggy smell’ we all fear when guests pop over.

There are three scents to choose from, and each one is available as a candle or a reed diffuser, if that’s your preferred home fragrance method. They’re all priced at £2.79 each, so are a really affordable way to ditch the doggy aroma for something sweeter. 

Fur Baby comes in blue, and combines vanilla and tonka for a blend of sweet and woody fragrance. Anyone who is a fan of cupcakes, frosting or anything that smells remotely like baked goods will enjoy this candle, with the tonka bean bringing something slightly more sophisticated to it.

The green scent – named Happy Paws – smells of fresh apple and peach, making it perfect for fans of fruity fragrances, while the sunny-coloured Pet Lover pairs citrus with floral orange blossom.

I picked up two candles and one of the reed diffusers and have placed them in different rooms in the house where the dogs frequent the most, including the living room, kitchen and the main hallway, so that guests visiting for a cuppa and inevitable kisses from the Scamps will be treated to summery scents in every room. 

The reed diffuser is the most aesthetic, and can have the sticker peeled off just so it elevates the looks slightly. The 50ml diffuser comes with eight sticks which soak up the oil and disperse it into the air, without the need for lighting it.

Meanwhile, the candles offer a soft scent as they are, but it really does fill the space once you light the wick. These have a burn time of approximately 50 hours, and use a unique fragrance technology that eliminates bad smells – even if you’ve gone nose blind to them.

While I’m not the biggest fan of the branding of this particular range – with other Aldi candles often looking as though it could add an extra 0 to the price tag – the products themselves smell great, and I can’t wait for the next Pet Event. 

These candles are still available in my local Aldi’s middle aisle as of August, so be sure to check your local store for them,

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