Forthglade launches new delicious dry dog food made of 50% meat 

Forthglade has launched a brand new dry food range designed to provide dogs with a nutritionally balanced diet with a real focus on high meat content and delicious ingredients. The new lightly baked collection – which comes in three flavours – differs from their existing cold pressed kibble, but is sure to be just as popular with pet owners looking for great mealtime options for their canine companions.

The Lightly Baked range launched in July, and comes in chicken, turkey and lamb varieties. We recently tried out the chicken version and have been seriously impressed with this new tasty collection. The nutritionally balanced dry food contains 50% single source protein, and has been lightly baked to seal in the goodness. Lightly baked food will retain most naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and are easier to digest than foods that have been cooked at high temperatures.

These natural dry dog food recipes are a complete and balanced meal in bite-sized pellets, said to contain everything your dog needs to stay happy and healthy, and never hungry. It’s already been rated as 70% on the All About Dog Food website, which is more than Edgard and Cooper’s chicken recipe, and the same as Lily’s Kitchen – though not quite as high as Canagan’s 73%.

While the cold pressed food had a focus on gut health and is suitable for puppies, this new lightly baked variety differs in shape, size and texture, with a meat focus suitable for dogs over the age of one.

Forthglade explained: “Our Lightly Baked dry food recipes are not recommended for puppies (or dogs under one year old) due to the fact that puppies require quite specific nutritional support during this important stage in their development. We don’t yet have a Lightly Baked recipe designed for puppies specifically but won’t rule it out for the future.”

The chicken recipe we tried contains 50% chicken, of which 26% is dried and 24% fresh, compared to 32.5% chicken (17.5% fresh, 15% dried) in the cold pressed recipe. This single source protein mimics a more primal diet and is better for dogs who may have sensitivities, and promises no animal derivatives or cheap fillers that cause the food to swell.

Similarly, the recipe is grain free to suit dogs with allergies, swapping out wheat for dried sweet potato, which has a high fibre content and is great for digestion. The complex carbohydrate is also a great source of Vitamin A and energy within your dog’s diet. These have been paired with a collection of carefully considered vitamins, minerals and botanicals such as chicory root, dandelion leaf and yucca extract for additional health benefits and a well-rounded recipe.

The kibble itself is a great size and suitable for all breeds, and while this is a complete and nutritious doggy diet on its own, we occasionally like to top it with the Forthglade wet food recipes, which we previously reviewed here, to add extra interest and treat the Scamps. Moreover, the dry food is quite versatile as we can feed it in a bowl, take it away on holiday easily, hand feed, or use it in things like snuffle mats and puzzle toys for additional stimulation.

Then there’s the price point, costing £13.99 for a 2kg bag, or £69.99 for a 12kg bag, making it £10 cheaper than our regular Canagan, so we consider it to be reasonably priced, offering premium pet food at a relatively affordable price point. Better value still is the 18kg bag for £96.99, making it £5.39 per kg.

We’ve used so many of Forthglade’s products over the years, from wet and dry food to their salmon oil, treats and dental sticks and we are always still impressed every time they launch a new product. They’re a brand who are really dedicated to bringing high quality products to the market yet still making them accessible in their pricing, and for that reason – alongside the fact that Phoebe and Frank are obsessed – we continue to be won over by them. Find some of our other Forthglade reviews here.


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