Five best Christmas dinners for dogs in 2023

Christmas dinner really is THE dinner of the year, right? And so too should be the case for our beloved canine companions who I’m now entirely convinced believe that’s what an advent calendar counts down to. But can you really blame them? Festive feasts filled with turkey and all the trimmings – yes please!

There’s so much that dog’s can’t eat when it comes to a human Christmas lunch, from sage and onion stuffing, to anything cooked in fats or oils – like your roasties. It’s better to play it safe and get them their own dog-friendly festive feast, and this year we’ve discovered more festive recipes than ever before. Up from three in 2021 and four in 2022, this year, The Scamps have got their paws on five Christmas dinners for dogs, and rated them all based on a range of factors including flavours, meat content, quality and price.

This year, brands are pulling out all of the stops with their festive showstoppers. We’ve seen returning fan favourites like Lily’s Kitchen and Forthglade, as well as some new entries from Edgard and Cooper and Pure Pet Food. As ever, Phoebe and Frank have been sniffing out some of the best ones, worthy of taking centre stage at dinnertime this December 25.

Some owners may choose to feed these wet foods as a meal in their own right, while others – like us – may use them to top kibble and make it a little more interesting, which means you could have some leftovers for Boxing Day (because there’s simply nothing better than festive leftovers in the days post-Christmas).

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an interesting way to enrich your dog’s dinner, why not spread it on a LickiMat, or stuff it into a Kong to keep your dogs entertained whilst the family share gifts or make sure the turkey doesn’t end in disaster.

Here are five Christmas Dinners for dogs that The Scamps can’t wait to get their paws on this DEcember.

Lily’s Kitchen Three Bird Feast

  • Price: £3.80
  • Size: 400g
  • Age: Over 4 months
  • Meat content: 60%

The Lily’s Kitchen Three Bird Feast is an incredibly popular festive recipe, and comes in a beautiful midnight blue tin with the brand’s mascot wearing a winter scarf. It features everything you would hope to find on a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, made with freshly prepared turkey, goose, and duck, accompanied by seasonal parsnips and cranberries, mirroring what we might find on our own plates on Christmas Day. And trust me when I say that each year, there’s not a crumb left in either of the Scamps’ bowls – Frank makes sure of that.

What makes it even more special is that 100 per cent of profits go to Dogs Trust, showcasing Lily’s Kitchen’s commitment to making the holidays brighter for pets in need. The brand will donate up to £23,750 on all tins sold through As both Phoebe and Frank are rescue dogs, I find this charity element particularly heart-warming. 

My only gripe is that the cost of the Three Bird Feast has risen once again. Back in 2020, you could pick up a tin for £2.75, which crept up to £2.85 in 2021, jumping to £3.35 in 2022. However, this year, it’s gone up again to £3.80, which is in line with the rest of the range but makes it undeniably one of the more expensive offerings on the market. The fact the profits go to charity is not something that can be grumbled about, however, some owners may look to some of the more affordable options in this list.

You can also get a case of six for £21, making each tin £3.50, meaning shoppers could save £1.80 by buying in bulk.

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Pooch and Mutt Christmas Turkey Wet Food Dinner

  • Price: £2.49
  • Size: 375g
  • Age: Over three months
  • Meat content: 63%

The Pooch and Mutt Christmas Turkey Wet Food dinner has had a gorgeous ski-inspired revamp for the festive season, and while their individual pouches have sold out, you can still get it as part of the Ski-sonal Dog Christmas Gift Box. This all-inclusive gift box costs £11.99 and includes a pack of meaty treats, a bag of dental sticks, the turkey and chicken wet food  and a roll of poo bags. 

The grain-free wet food includes both chicken and turkey with a medley of fruit and vegetables like potato, carrot, broccoli, apple and blueberry, with added probiotics to aid digestion. Pooch and Mutt recently updated their wet food recipes to feature locally sourced fresh meat from British farms in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, gently steam cooking to retain goodness.

The hypoallergenic food contains no added artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, with no grain, cereal, gluten, beef, soy, diary and non-GM produce, and comes in a Tetra carton which can then be recycled.

You can buy the Ski-sonal Dog Christmas Gift Box from Pooch and Mutt here.

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Forthglade Christmas Dinner Turkey with Cranberry and Parsnip natural wet dog food

  • Price: £13.30 for seven trays (£1.90 a tray)
  • Size: 395g
  • Age: Over one year
  • Meat content: 75%

As always with Forthglade, this festive recipe is completely free from junk, fillers and artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies.

This recipe has the highest meat content, with 75 per cent turkey, and is the best value for money gram for gram. However, it’s the only one of these recipes not recommended for younger puppies, suitable for dogs over 12 months old.

The festive food offering also contains tasty cranberry and parsnip, as well as herbs and prebiotics for good gut health, which – like Pooch and Mutt – have been gently steamed to retain maximum goodness.

We find these trays store really well in the fridge, which is really important at Christmas when getting something from the fridge is like a game of Tetris. They fit in any small gap, and keep well in the fridge for two to three days once opened.

Buy the Forthglade Christmas Dinner Turkey with Cranberry and Parsnip natural wet dog food here.

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Edgard and Cooper Festive Turkey Pate Tin

  • Price: £3.69
  • Size: 400g
  • Age: Over one year
  • Meat content: 60%

Edgard and Cooper’s limited-edition Festive Turkey Pate Tin is a great way to elevate your dog’s Christmas experience. It’s the first year we’ve seen the brand release a Christmas dinner, and this juicy, drool-worthy paté is filled with fresh turkey and genuine holiday spirit.

The Turkey Pate Tin is specifically crafted for adult dogs, offering a well-rounded and nutritious feast, boasting 60 per cent turkey, with a sprinkling of cranberries, pear and pumpkin for some seasonal flair.

Edgard and Cooper also steer clear of adding sugar or nasties to their complete and balanced paté. Moreover, it’s grain-free, meaning even dogs with sensitive stomachs should be able to enjoy the festive feast. At £3.69 a tin, it’s marginally cheaper than Lily’s Kitchen and the 400g tin makes it great for larger dogs, while they also do have a smaller tray version for £1.69 if you have a smaller canine companion, or want to use it as a topper rather than a meal.

You can buy the Edgard and Cooper Festive Turkey Pate Tin here.

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Pure Pet Food

  • Price: £9.99
  • Size: 400g 
  • Meat content: 38%

Pure Pet Food’s festive turkey recipe features 38 per cent turkey alongside a host of veggies and cranberries. But depending on what you usually feed your dog, Pure’s meals may be a little different to what you’re used to. Instead of traditional kibble, wet food or raw, Pure offers air-dried meals that need to be reconstituted with water to create a wet, nutritionally complete meal that scores an 80 per cent rating on All About Dog Food. 

Pure explained: “Air-drying is an age-old way of preparing food, working by putting fresh ingredients under a low heat to remove the moisture slowly and gently. As a result, the nutrients in the food are locked in and preserved, no need for any artificial preservatives to extend its shelf life. This unique preparation method allows us here at Pure to provide your dog with tasty, high-quality meals made from natural, wholesome ingredients. It also allows your dog to enjoy healthy food that’s super convenient, it’s a win-win for both you and your pup!”

These recipes offer a happy medium between raw and wet foods, with a price point somewhere in the middle – though more expensive than some of the festive recipes above – as well as being easy to store with reduced risk of pathogens compared to raw. It certainly looks great, and it’s a great way to try out Pure’s meals before opting for a subscription. It’s certainly tempted us to look into signing up.

Buy the Pure Pet Food festive turkey recipe here.

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