Earth Rated plant-based wipes that make light work of muddy paws

For dog owners, winter can often feel like an endless cycle of mopping muddy paw prints and wiping grubby bellies – and when you have two dogs like me, it can often be doubly frustrating and twice as frequent, particularly when Frank decides he needs a number two after having already come in from a wee. But we’ve discovered a game-changing grooming product that means bath times are less frequent and means the kitchen isn’t covered in eight lots of mucky prints every five minutes.

Earth Rated, founded in 2009, is an eco-friendly brand on a mission to make cleaning up after your dog less of a chore through thoughtful products that make life easier for pet owners. They started off with a range of poop bags that have since amassed over 4.5 million daily users, before launching their plant-based dog grooming wipes, which are becoming just as popular.

The Plant-Based Dog Grooming Wipes from Earth Rated come in two varieties, unscented and soothing lavender, and have been designed to wipe away dirt and keep paws, bodies, and bums clean without the need for a bath. They’re also great for wiping away eye ‘snot’ and cleaning ear flaps without causing irritation. As such, these wipes have become an essential part of our daily routine, have found a permanent spot on our kitchen counter, and are on our Amazon Subscribe and Save to make sure we’re never caught short.

The hypoallergenic and cruelty-free wipes have been dermatologist tested and are completely free of alcohol and parabens to ensure they’re gentle on your dogs’ skin, which adds an extra layer of reassurance that they’re gentle enough for everyday use.

Each pack features 100 grooming wipes, generously sized at 20 cm x 20 cm, but they’re not your average flimsy wipes; they are extra-large and thick, with one sheet effortlessly tackling eight post-walk paws, or can achieve a top to tail between-bath refresh for larger dogs and still remain moist. What’s more is that the plant-based fibres don’t rip easily, either, meaning you can be quite thorough without worrying about them splitting.

Whether it’s muddy paws or pongy odours, these Earth Rated wipes are so handy, quick and convenient to use and can really help keep your pooch feeling and smelling fresh between baths or grooms, and considering Phoebe isn’t so keen on the bath, they’ve become really quite invaluable in her grooming routine.

What’s more is that they’re only £8.99, working out at 9p per wipe. With two dogs, one pack typically lasts us a little over a month, so we have the Amazon Subscribe and Save set up for every five weeks at the moment, but we’ll likely drop it down slightly in the summer months when muddy paws aren’t as much of an issue.

Affordable, reliable, responsible and beautifully designed, Earth Rated’s Dog Wipes really are a must-have for any dog owner looking to make life a little cleaner and a lot easier for their canine companions. You can shop the Earth Rated wipes on Amazon here.


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