Veggie froggies for doggies from the Antos Cerea range

These vegetable based dog chews really made me chuckle when Anya posted a photo of them on the Hounds Instagram page. They come in two sizes, costing between £1.50 and £2 each, and are such a comical little treat – who thought of moulding them into frogs?

The Cerea range, from Antos, is 100% natural, made with potato starch, glycerine, cellulose powder, lecithin, natural colours and flavours. The Cerea range comes in a number of fun shapes, including toothbrushes, hedgehogs, sticks and, of course, frogs. Designed for dental health, the vegetarian based chew is made from compounded vegetable fibres, and helps keep teeth clean with a longer chew time.

The froggies contain 3% crude protein, 1% crude oils and fats and 8% crude ash (minerals), and are a quality healthy chew for all dog breeds.

Phoebe and Frank tested out the chews just 24 hours after they launched in store – they simply couldn’t wait to get their paws on them. A large frog stands at around five inches tall, and is intricately detailed with back spines and facial features. Colours between the frogs vary, and the ones we received were a brownish shade, and a green one.

These chews smell almost like liquorice, so it’s not at all unpleasant like you find with some other natural chews. After some investigation – and checking they weren’t ‘real’ frogs, Phoebe and Frank enjoyed these chews in the garden. Frank bit his feet off straight away and made his way from the bottom up. There is a large hole in the bottom of the chew, and I had first been worried about their bottom jaw getting caught in it, but it’s soft enough that it would break before getting lodged – but always be sure to get the appropriate sized chew for your dog breed, and always supervise them with it.

Phoebe was proud as punch trotting around the garden with her chew, and enjoyed playing with it before taking chunks out of it! We let them have the chews for about 10 minutes before removing, and they were only half eaten, so will last around 20 minutes dependant on size and breed, and their chewing power!

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