The Denzel’s Birthday Gift Box every party pooch deserves to celebrate with

This year we’ve already celebrated Frank’s fifth birthday, and more recently, Phoebe’s eighth. Every birthday pooch deserves something special to mark the occasion, so Denzel’s have created a Birthday Gift Box to help your canine companion get in the party spirit.

Priced at £5, the Denzel’s Birthday Gift Box is suitable for puppies from 16 weeks old, meaning whether they’re the party pooch or just a birthday attendee, they’ll be able to enjoy the treats inside this pack.

The box itself is super sweet, depicting Denzel the cocker spaniel in a floral shirt having a party with his pals, surrounded by presents and of course, cake. On the top of the box, there’s a little label illustration with a to: and from: so you can address it to the birthday boy or girl.

On the side of the box, there’s a party checklist, featuring mandatory birthday activities like singing happy birthday and going for extra walkies. There’s also a QR code where you can download and print off a template for a party hat, and instructions on how to assemble it, too.

Inside, there are two packs of special birthday treats, as well as a free birthday card where you can write a message to your four-legged friend. Alternatively, we love Scoff Paper birthday cards for something they can really sink their teeth into.

The two packets of treats inside are exclusive to the box, and unlike anything I’ve seen Denzel’s do previously. First up are the Birthday Balloons treats which are a small balloon-shaped treat, slightly harder than soft-bites, which come in a coconut and apple flavour. 

Made with potato flakes, glycerine, tapioca starch, cellulose fibre, organic coconut oil and organic dried apple, they’re in a smaller pack than the usual soft bites, but still have a good amount of tasty treats that are ideal for sharing with visiting pooches.

What’s more is that they’re vegan friendly, grain free, low calorie and with no added sugar, meaning everyone can enjoy them!

Then there’s the Birthday Cake Chews made with peanut butter and strawberry, and again, these are not soft-baked chews like we know Denzel’s for. Instead of four soft sticks, this packet contains two slightly larger, denser sticks that have more of a dental stick quality to them – but again, aren’t the same as the Denzel’s dental sticks either. 

Either way, Phoebe and Frank found them to be absolutely delicious and the ultimate way to round off a busy day of celebrations. Because they’re the texture that they are, the chewing not only helps to clean teeth, but also helps to relax your pet, which is ideal after a stimulating day.

Made in Ireland, all of the treats come in Denzel’s 100 per cent plastic-free packaging, which you can read about here. Shoppers can also get free delivery on all orders over £15, so it’s worth stocking up on your favourite Denzel’s treats while you’re at it. They’ve had quite a few new launches in recent months, so why not check out some of our other reviews for inspiration?

You can shop the Denzel’s Birthday Gift Box for £5 here, or find it in more than 300 Tesco stores around the UK.


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