Pets Love Fresh trial box that comes with handy fridge container

We love buying pate for the dogs to top their dinner or as a training treat – the only problem is that it can properly stink the fridge out. But we recently purchased a trial box of a new pet food and it came with a genius solution.

When I saw that my friend Erica had purchased a Pets Love Fresh trial box for her pooch, Peanut, it looked like such good value that I decided to pick one up for Phoebe and Frank, too.

At the time, the trial boxes cost £12.99 – but were worth way more – containing three 600g simply chicken chubs of 100 per cent fresh, natural food, as well as a wooden cutting board and a glass fridge container.

The Pets Love Fresh chubs are made using high quality natural ingredients including human grade British farmed chicken that has been gently cooked at a low temperature and delivered frozen fresh to your door. The meat can be used as a complete balanced meal, or, fed alongside kibble as a topper, or even used as a pate on things like Lickimats, or in Kongs.

The brand launched after their family dog Holly was suffering with allergies, bloating and a lack of energy, with none of the vet recommended dry foods or pills helping the pooch get back to her old self.

Pets Love Fresh said: “Then a friend recommended we try a simple diet of home cooked chicken and rice. Within weeks Holly had completely changed. Full of energy, a beautiful coat and all her allergies had disappeared. Coincidence?”

They went on to spend six years researching the market before assembling a team of nutritionists, dieticians, vets and pet owners to develop the ‘best food possible’.

This particular recipe contains 70 per cent human grade chicken meat that would normally be sold in supermarkets, and no artificial colours or flavours, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat.

The quality British sources of protein supply amino acids needed for hair, skin, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage, combined with organic brown rice to aid digestion and support gut health. The recipe also features carefully balanced and easily digestible vitamins and minerals including calcium and phosphorus, with cranberries, eggs and seaweed.

The trial box was delivered quickly by DPD, and the chubs were still frozen on arrival. One of them had started to soften, so we decided to use this one first, placing the other two in the freezer. Pets Love Fresh recommends storing the food in the freezer and defrosting it in the fridge. Each chub has a five day ‘fridge life’ once defrosted.

I loved our chopping board, as it meant that the dogs had their own dedicated board for cutting up their meat, but it was the glass container that was my favourite item of all. The 600g chubs fit perfectly inside the tube, and then it slots effortlessly into the fridge, both keeping the food fresh, which also stopping it from making the fridge smell of dog food. That said, the Pets Love Fresh meat isn’t that whiffy compared to other wet food we’ve used, however, the air-tight jar still contains the smell – because no-one wants their chocolate smelling like chicken, right?

The trial boxes have since had an upgrade and now contain four of the 600g chubs and an updated version of the fridge container, which is made of polypropylene and is suitable for the dishwasher. The fridge storage container has two adjustable sections to fit both the 1kg and 600g chub sizes, giving owners that extra flexibility. 

It does mean that the price of the trial boxes has increased as a result, now costing £22.95 down from £34.39 – but you can get 10 per cent off using the code PLF10 at the checkout. Because they are such good value – with the fridge containers costing £11.99 alone – they are limited to one pack per household. After that, you can get four 600g chubs from as little as £22.40 – less than the price of the taster box – or customise your box with a range of sizes and flavours to suit your dog, including venison, pork and beef. We’ll definitely be re-ordering some of the other flavours too, particularly now we’ve already got our fridge container for keeping it fresh. 

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