Denzel’s go 100% plastic-free with new compostable packaging

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A whole rubbish truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans every minute – with many dog treats being packaged in single-use plastic.

It’s a massive problem in the pet industry, from plastic poo bags to plastic toys. It’s estimated that there will be 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste in landfill by 2050 – Denzel’s reckon that’s around 240,000,000 great danes… or 8,000,000,000 chihuahuas.

With such staggering figures facing the industry, Denzel’s have joined the fight against cheap plastic packaging, and have revealed the brand new biodegradable wrappers for their soft chews!

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The brand developed a 100% plastic free, home compostable pouch for their soft bites, which naturally breaks down in 30 weeks, rather than 300 years. From July 1, the Denzel’s soft chews will be re-launched in their new sustainable packaging, meaning all of their products will be 100% plastic-free.

The plant-based packaging is made from paper and wood pulp grown in sustainable forests, and for the whole of plastic-free July, Denzel’s are replacing the materials used to make their packaging by planting a tree for every order made on their website, as well as a tree for every pack sold at Sainsbury’s, Ocado and BP. You can watch these trees grow in real time here – at the time of writing, the forest had 277 trees, with Denzel’s having offset two tonnes of CO2e, mostly by turning waste biogas into electricity in Thailand!

In the former Denzel’s soft chews boxes, customers would get three chews – now there’s an extra treat in every pack, getting you more bark for your buck! That means, in a build-a-box of chews, you’ll get 20 treats instead of 15! What’s more, is that you can bag 20% off when you build your own one-off box using the code JULY2021, meaning you can get five packs of Denzel’s newly re-packaged chews for £10! And you still get a collectible Denzel card in every pack.

It’s not just their packaging that Denzel have made eco-friendly, but also their baking process too. Instead of using a fuel-guzzling producer, they create their tasty treats in carbon-neutral woodchip ovens, as well as use wonky fruit from local suppliers that would otherwise go to waste.

Denzel’s said: “Single use plastic is a huge problem in the pet industry, especially within dog treats as plastic is cheap, durable and easy to produce. We don’t believe that treating your pet should hurt the planet. So, every time you pick up a Denzel’s, you’re doing your part to save our planet from one more piece of plastic waste!”