We tested Denzel’s new daily dental sticks to see how long they last

As part of a string of new launches, one of our favourite brands has finally brought out a product that all of their customers have been begging them for. For months, dog owners have been asking the brand to launch a dental product to help keep those gnashers clean – and never ones to disappoint, Denzel’s have delivered.

Launched at the start of February, Denzel’s healthy and sustainable daily dental chews come in two adult sizes in two tasty flavours, as well as an option for puppies, so you can start an oral hygiene routine from day dot.

The new chews come in a Salmon, Spearmint & Coconut Oil variety for young puppies from eight weeks, while older pups and adult dogs can enjoy the plant-based Peanut Butter, Peppermint & Parsley, or meaty Chicken, Peppermint & Decaf Green Tea in either medium or large varieties.

The puppy and medium chews cost £3 per pack, with seven chews in the puppy packet, and five in the medium. Meanwhile, the large pack features four chews for £3.50, and are ideal for dogs over 20kg like Phoebe and Frank, compared to the medium treats, which are recommended for dogs between 10 and 20kg.

Made in Ireland from 100 per cent natural ingredients, the Peanut Butter, Peppermint & Parsley chews are totally vegan, made with organic peanut butter and a small amount of activated charcoal to help keep those teeth pearly white. They’re also grain and gluten-free, with no added sugar, making them great for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

These vet-approved star-shaped chews smell really fresh, and the angular shape helps clean teeth as your dogs chew, while breath-freshening parsley and peppermint help banish dog breath.

Denzel’s said: “Our delicious dental sticks not only taste great but help to keep your dog’s teeth clean, freshen breath and help to maintain your dog’s overall gum and oral health.”

Like the vegan option, the Chicken, Peppermint & Decaf Green Tea variety is suitable for dogs over four months old, and are great for senior dogs too.

Each of the chews are around 13cm long, and in an endurance test, lasted Frank 37 seconds, and Phoebe around twice as long, polishing hers off in one minute and 15 seconds, so it’s safe to say they certainly go down a treat. The medium chews come in slightly shorter at 11.5cm.

Denzel’s recommends giving your pooch a healthy dental chew every day for the best results, and of course, brushing their teeth with a pet friendly toothpaste in between is advised.

For young puppies and smaller breeds, the Salmon, Spearmint & Coconut Oil chews provide the perfect petite option, with seven small chews in every pack. Specially formulated for puppies, spearmint provides a freshening effect, while the healthy fats from salmon and coconut oil will work to provide a healthy coat, too.

These chews are much smaller than the medium and large varieties at 8cm long, and can be fed from eight weeks old when your furry family member arrives.

Once your pup’s finished all of their dental sticks, you can pop the empty pack in your paper recycling bin thanks to Denzel’s plastic-free packaging, which decomposes naturally in 30 weeks. 

Denzel’s are currently offering free delivery on all orders over £15, so you can stock up on these dental chews while trying out all of the other new and exciting launches, without needing to pay for postage, too.

The new chews are providing a fun and delicious way to keep bad breath at bay while practising good oral hygiene. You can shop the Denzel’s daily dental sticks on their website here.

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