Edgard and Cooper mint and strawberry doggy dental sticks review

The Edgard and Cooper doggy dental sticks come in two wonderfully scented flavours. To try them out for the first time, we picked up the mint and strawberry flavour, but we’ve got our eyes on the apple and eucalyptus, too.

The Scamps aren’t big fans of getting their teeth brushed, so to help them maintain good oral health, we give them a range of chews to help keep tartar build-up down.

We picked our packet of Edgard and Cooper doggy dental sticks up from Hounds, in Newcastle. The prices start at £2.99 for small sticks, but ours cost £4.99 for bigger breeds.

The plant-based sticks are low in calories and claim to have an ‘extra long chew time’. The chews are air-dried, making it a trickier chew for better teeth cleaning. I’m always dubious about such claims, since nothing lasts five minutes with Phoebe and Frank. The idea behind dental sticks is that the chewing generates saliva, which gets rid of the bacteria in your dogs mouth.

Phoebe and Frank see chews as a challenge, and these Edgard and Cooper sticks lasted Frank around 60 seconds, and Phoebe sightly longer. This isn’t enough chew-time for the stick to actively clean their teeth, and if your dog is chomping their dental sticks too fast, you should try a larger size. Unfortunately, we got the biggest sized chew which was no match for the Scamps. It’s also worth noting that they are more for preventative care, rather than existing dental issues. That said, the shape and flavours are certainly a change for our dogs, and they enjoyed the yummy tubes.

Each bag contains seven sticks, but to our delight, there was an accidental eighth doggy dental stick in the bag we received, else we’d have had to split the last one in half!

Edgard and Cooper have designed the dental sticks as tubes – rather than solid – to help keep calories low whilst offering a deeper clean. They also contain calcium for stronger gnashers.

The mint really helps to keep dog breath at bay, but also has soothing properties if your pooch has an upset stomach. We baked these minty dog biscuits where we explain more about the benefits of mint for dogs – like the fact it’s an antioxidant and antibacterial.

The Edgard and Cooper doggy dental sticks are flavoured with strawberry and coconut – two plant-based flavours that dogs love.

Strawberries are said to contain an enzyme that can help whiten your dog’s teeth. They are also a source of antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C. Coconut is also very beneficial, promoting healthy skin and coat, and aiding digestion.