The personalised dog book and board game that turns your dog into a star

Phoebe has left town to be a Hollywoof star, and Frank has broke the internet. Or, at least that’s what our new gifts say!

I feel like if Phoebe were to get famous, it would be for her superb acting skills – like when she acts as though she hasn’t been fed for a week come tea time. Frank, on the other hand, would definitely go viral for doing something stupid and You’ve Been Framed worthy. And with apps like TikTok making dozens of dogs viral every single day, it’s easy to believe your dog really could break the internet.

Just in time for Christmas, have released some brand new personalised products for pet parents to share with their pooches. The site lets owners create a profile for their dog, customising their breed and colourings, that is then fetched onto products so that you can see exactly how everything will look when it arrives.

Specifically for Christmas, they’ve produced a range of advent calendars, Santa sacks, Christmas cards and even festive jumpers, as well as gifts like books, games, mugs and prints your pet parent friends will love. set Phoebe and Frank their own Christmas presents this year, taking a look at their rise to fame, and I’m obsessed with how they’ve turned out. If you’re looking for gift inspiration for the dog lovers in your life, then here are some great personalised options they’ll go barking mad for.

And what’s more is that they’ve got some great Black Friday offers on too! Use 20BARK at the checkout, and you’ll bag these goodies for even less!

Phoebe is a Star: Personalised Book

This beautifully designed hardback book really puts your dogs name in lights with an imaginative and witty story. Written in rhyming couplets, its great for reading out to the kids – if you have them – and one person said they take their copy into schools with their therapy dog to read to students, which I thought was a lovely idea.

Yappy gives owners the opportunity to personalise their story with their dogs name across 36 pages, and an icon designed to look just like them based on their breed and colourings. Considering Phoebe is a mixed breed, her icon still captures her likeness, featuring on cereal boxes, text icons and even a Hollywoof star throughout the book.

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We even uploaded a photo, which finds itself on billboards and newspapers across Woofville as your dog shoots to stardom. To make it even more personal, you can include your own name, as a supporting role to the star, of course, as well as a town or city, from where your pet made their humble beginnings before making it big.

The story has some fabulous pop culture references, like ‘Mr Spanielberg’, ‘Paw Seasons’ and ‘Petflix’, where dogs can watch ‘Peaky Barkers’, ‘Carpooch Karaoke’, ‘Barking Bad’ and ‘Terrier King’, which will be sure to make you chuckle as you flick through the pages.

The book sees Phoebe’s life skyrocket from a walk in the park to being the biggest star on the planet, and this comforting read sees her journey to fame, and finding out the things that truly matter in life. It’s a really lovely heart warming tale that makes for a really sweet keepsake you can pick up over and over again.

The books can be personalised and dispatched within three working days, which is perfect if you’re thinking of a last minute Christmas gift your pet parent friends will love. You can get the soft cover version for £18.99, but I think it’s worth paying the extra £4 for the hardcover, as it’s much sturdier and feels really luxe.

Frank Breaks The Internet: Personalised Board Game

We love a good family board game at Christmas – Scrabble, Monopoly, and now, Frank Breaks The Internet. The Yappy board game launched this year, just in time for the festive season, and is a fully personalised game perfect for up to six players. It’s fun for all the family, recommended for those over the age of six, but as a household of adults, it still makes for an evening of competitive entertainment.

The game has six personalised pet players, ours has: Sleepy Frank, Greedy Frank (accurate), Cilled Frank, Captain Frank, Scuba Frank and Explorer Frank – each with their own cleverly thought up social media handles. But, can your dog ‘break the internet, Paw-dashian style’?

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Each player takes it in turns to roll the dice and move their piece around the board, following the instructions on the square they land on, which could see you move closer to becoming a viral sensation, and avoid scandals that could see your pet fall from fame with their reputation in tatters.

Some examples from the board include ‘Oh no! Your human forgot the poop bags! Go home’ and ‘200m followers milestone! Roll again!’ There are also Scandal, Audition and Human playing cards that offer further directions and opportunities to rise to fame, or fall from it.

The game can be personalised and dispatched within 10 working days, and has an introductory offer of £24.99, which will rise to £39.99 – so it’s worth bagging quick if you want a version for your pet. Frank’s icon looks fabulous, and, much like Phoebe’s looks just like him – we can’t wait for him to break the internet (without chewing through the broadband cable).