Scoff Paper – Christmas cards designed for your dog to destroy

Scoff Paper have launched two incredible new festive flavours so that your dog can enjoy – and destroy – their own Christmas card this festive season.

We’ve been using Scoff Paper for all of our favourite events this year, including Phoebe’s Birthday and Winston’s Gotcha Day, so we couldn’t wait to see what cute and Christmassy designs they were bringing out for December.

Launched by dog-loving Lancashire lass Gemma Connolly, Scoff Paper is the first ever ethical, rawhide-free cards for dogs, created for five minutes of sheer, shredding joy – after snapping a photo for their Instagram account, of course.

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Following a large heart attack that saw her quit her demanding advertising job, Gemma reassessed her career and what she wanted to do with her life. Having been a voluntary ambassador for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association – and raised, trained and cared for eleven dogs – which gave her ‘a purpose away from the corporate world’, she went on to launch Scoff Paper as a safe, fun and entertaining product for pups and pooch parents alike.

Now, her innovative brand sees a selection of birthday, gotcha day, get well soon and just because cards, as well as seasonal cards which rotate throughout the year – like Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Online, there are currently seven different festive designs, each with their own Scoff Paper flavour – including their two new limited edition flavours: Insane in the Candy Cane, and Turkin’ Nine to Five.

Gemma said: “I think in these times, where people may not be able to go and visit their friends and family to spread joy for Christmas, I think Scoff Paper cards can bring a bit of fun into doggy’s and owners lives; and we need all the joy we can get right now.”

The cards are £5 each, made using natural ingredients, as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6, and are vegan friendly, grain free and gluten free. Two of the seven designs also have the option to be personalised with your dogs name for an extra £1 to make it even more special. Other delicious flavours of the menu include chompable cheddar, tearable t-bone, gnashers rashers, gone in 60 chickens and peanut drool, and boy do they make your dog drool.

The Tis the Cheese On design is a card after my own camembert-loving heart, and the hearts of Phoebe and Frank, who not only know the sound of the cheese wrapper in the fridge, but are also highly attuned to the sound of the cheese grater being taken out of the cupboard.

Scoff Paper said: “Maybe they’re an Irish Setter, that’s keen on Greek feta; or a greedy bloodhound that eats brie by the pound – whatever their cheese of choice, make sure you treat them to this delightfully cheesy ‘Tis The Cheeson edible card this Christmas.”

We’re a big fan of the cheesy puns on all the cards, but this one takes the cheddar for us!

The Merry Christmas edible card design comes in the new Turkin’ nine to five, because it’s not Christmas without a roast, right? It was, naturally, one of the first flavours Gemma knew she’d have to make for the festive range to bring ‘a little slice of Christmas dinner in a card’.

The design sees two Christmassy canines sitting on top of a roast turkey stuffed with stocking fillers, with snowflakes scattered around the edge of the card. This is one of the two designs that can also be personalised, and you can add your own message on the back for an extra 75p, if you were planning to post it directly to a furry friend.

The second customisable design is the Happy Christmas card in Scoff Paper’s Insane in the Candy Cane flavour. This minty card made me giggle, because it reminds me of when you unwrap a shower giftset from your Aunty Debbie and someone goes ‘haha, are they trying to tell you something?’. It’s an integral part of Christmas, right?

Scoff Paper added: “Just think how good you’ll look when your dog reads their name on the front of their tasty greeting. They’ll know it’s for them and that you’re an all-round great human – it’s win, win.”

Each card comes with their own snazzy orange envelope to pop your card in, with all their cellophane wrapping being biodegradable, to it’s good for your dogs and treads lightly on the planet.

The final design we got isn’t on the website, but features a Dotty Dog Art design of the cutest pup balancing a mince pie on their nose. The bacon-scented and flavoured card is a firm favourite of Phoebe’s, and she’s already tried to sneak this one out of the office! It’s well worth popping one of the Scoff Paper edible pens onto your order too – because for £2.50, you can pen your own heartfelt message onto their Christmas card before letting them tear it to pieces in minutes on the morning of December 25.

The Scamps love to get their paws on discarded wrapping paper whilst we open our gifts, so the Scoff Paper cards are the perfect way for them to get involved in all the festive fun safely. We love the new festive flavours, and can’t wait to send Scoff Paper cards out to all of Phoebe and Frank’s friends this Christmas.