W’ZIS healthy dog treats in fun flavours with handy refill tin

Never have I ever come across a brand name I’ve loved so much until I found W’ZIS. It’s a phrase I find myself using multiple times a day to get the dogs in out of the garden, or to announce dinner is ready. 

W’ZIS is, of course, ‘what’s this’, pronounced in the excited reserved-only-for-the-dog voice. Sometimes it takes a moment or two to work out when you see it written out, but when you hear it, it becomes so obvious. It’s one of those things that brings me such great joy at how clever it is.

And with smart branding comes carefully curated treats with beautiful packaging which lends itself to being extremely Instagrammable.

W’ZIS launched in May 2021 after four miffed dog owners, uninspired by dog treats already on the market, went to the pub. I love a story that starts ‘So, we were at the pub, right..’

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The Brighton-based bunch decided that they were going to make a pact against brown bone-shaped dog treats that are stuck in the 70s, and create their own range of healthy but fun vegan dog treats in the dog-capital of the UK.

W’ZIS said: “Most dog brands follow the aesthetic of the baby-food aisle, with childish illustrations, infantile language, smelly and beige. Or worse, they’re merely functional products with ugly packaging, and we struggle to believe people purchase them for their beloved pets. We know we can do better.”

We ordered the tin and mixed refills three pack, which cost £12.95. You can pick which colour and flavour tin to receive, and it comes with three mixed refills which can top up your tin six times. It works out at great value costing around £2.10 per refill, and that’s not including the tin you get to keep. 

Once you have your tin, you can simply repurchase the refills in your dogs’ favourite flavour, or collect all of the tins and keep them in various coat pockets and purses along with your rouge poo bags.

The flavours are innovative and satarial, and we love a good giggle here at Lady & The Scamps. The three signature flavours include:

  • Postman and Roast
  • Slipper and Biscuit 
  • Lamp Post and Chips

All of the treats are 100% natural, grain-free and plant-based, and have a deliberately firm texture and angular profile to prolong the eating time to promote teeth cleaning. What’s more is that they’re only one calorie per treat, making them ideal for training and for owners that can’t resist the ingenious evolution of puppy-dog eyes.

We ordered the pink Lamp Post and Chips tin which holds around 100 treats. These are the treats with the gentlest flavour, made with sweet potato and purple sweet potato flour, which gives them their blueberry hue. The vegan treats also contain ingredients we’ve seen in other plant-based treats, such as pea flour, vegetable glycerin and dried brewers yeast, alongside dried pumpkin and sunflower seed oil.

Then there’s Postman and Roast, for the dog’s who can’t help but beg for Sunday lunch. W’ZIS said: “You won’t find a whiff of a postman in here, more like something akin to smokey (vegan) bacon, or should that be smokey facon? The rest is all vegetable goodness; sweet potatoes, pea, tomato, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.”

Last but not least is Slipper and Biscuit, which are yellow and green, flavoured with pup-fave peanut butter. The green comes from the added broccoli and breath freshening apple. 

We love that W’ZIS are offering exciting, healthy plant-based treats for pets, that makes rewarding fun for dogs and their owners, while being kinder to the planet. 

The brand name is simply brilliant, and I chuckle to myself everytime I call out ‘w’zis’ to get the dogs’ attention, along with the rattle of the tin. 

Not only are the tins themselves pocket friendly, ideal for walks, but they’re also easy on the pursestrings too. Once you have your tin, you can buy refills for £10.95, which works out at £1.80 a refill, or 1.8p per treat.

W’ZIS treats have firmly made their way onto Phoebe and Frank’s regular orders list, and we can’t wait to try their chews.


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    Thank you, Lady and the Scamps, what a fabulous feature. Glad you are enjoying W’ZIS!