Primark’s £8 roll up pet bed ideal for travelling

Primark was already the kind of place you went in for one thing and came out £50 lighter before they launched a range of pet accessories, toys and beds. Now it means I go in for one thing for myself and come out with five for the dogs, or go in for something for the dogs and come home with three new pieces for my wardrobe.

Previously Phoebe and Frank have had some plush toys to play with, and I’m a big fan of their microfibre towels for when they get out of the bath and for wiping muddy paws with. But the budget fashion brand has also launched collaborations with Disney, Marvel and Harry Potter, with products such as bowls, teepees and harnesses.

But it’s a Primark Pet branded product that we’ve snapped up for less than a tenner, and I already know it’s going to be extremely useful. The Primark pet travel bed is a roll-out padded bed that costs just £8 and is great for in the garden, the car, or on camping and beach holidays.

The underside of the bed is a water resistant plain forest green fabric, while the reverse offers a soft suedette feel striped design. Rolled up, the bed is secured with two straps with a velcro fastening, with a handle to carry it easily.

Rolled flat, the bed is around an inch thick and very soft, with a cute leather patch featuring an embossed bone that makes it look chic and luxe. Giving it a test run in the house, Phoebe and Frank were quick to pitch up on the mat, and comfortably sat the pair of them.

Similar products on the market retail at around £25-40 on average, so to have change from a tenner makes this a real bargain. I love how lightweight it is, meaning for those going on a camping trip or for a family picnic, it doesn’t add much weight to your luggage load. The handle could even be attached to the top of a rucksack for hands-free transportation.

The colour and design is really stylish with a bit of a countryside vibe to it, and I’d love to see it in a few different colours and patterns, too. We’ve been using it on warm days in the garden because Frank loves a shady spot, but I know it will be perfect for taking to places like Tittesworth when we have a picnic, and when we head to the beaches in Newquay. It’s also ideal for trips to the pub as it will give Phoebe and Frank somewhere to settle and enjoy a natural chew, and for in the car for them to lie on to protect the seats a little.

I’m really impressed with the quality for the price and have been considering heading back to grab a second one because they’re just perfect to roll out anywhere. They can even be used as a training aid to teach your dog ‘place’ or to teach them to roll it out themselves. If you’re thinking of getting a Primark roll out pet bed for yourself you can search for your nearest Primark here.