Get £5 off Hounds and Hers subscription box for pet parents

A subscription box for pet parents and pooches is the cutest way to spend some quality time with your dog each month. The Hounds and Hers luxury subscription is tailored towards dog mums and their four-legged companions featuring alcohol, beauty and lifestyle products alongside pet treats, toys and accessories.

The brand launched following the success of parent brand Forelock and Fringe – an equestrian equivalent to the Hounds and Hers boxes. They said: “When receiving new products every month, we saw the excitement on our two Shih tzus faces, and realised that they would love to receive a box every month. We realised that there was nothing on the market that catered for both you and your furry friend, and that is how Hounds and Hers was created!”

The site asks owners to input their details, such as your dogs name, sex and size, so I ordered Phoebe a one-off girly box for a large dog for £25.99. Owners can also order a subscription for £22.99 per month, or £20.99 quarterly, saving you £5. And speaking of saving a fiver, you can get £5 off your first box using my link.

To join the Hounds and Hers club you can choose your package, which includes rolling or even a three month subscription that can be cancelled any time.  Each month you will receive a hand selected box of goodies for you and your pup, which are sent out on the 5th of each month. Dogs and their pawrents can unbox their gift together and are of course, encouraged to share a snap on social media using #houndsandhers.

Each box is guaranteed to feature two to four products for your dog, and two to four products for you, all of which will be over the £25.99 paid for the box. In April, the box was worth approximately £35 in total – with one beauty product equating to nearly £20 alone.

Hounds and Hers said: “When you join the club, we aim to connect you with new products for your dog along with our fabulous finds in beauty and lifestyle treats for yourself too. We aim to be the go-to for taking care of both you and your pup! We always include a drink and snack for you to enjoy too, we tailor the boxes to suit your drinks preferences and also for any dietary requirements. Each box is always worth over the value you pay as we always want you to have the best deals.”

Here’s what was in our April 2022 Hounds and Hers box:


This month’s Hounds and Hers box had a strong Easter theme, and included four themed gifts for furry family members. First up was an Easter bunny biscuit from Nelson’s Treats which retails on Hounds and Hers for £1.50. Founded by Tom, Nelson’s Treats launched in 2018 when he got his little pooch Nelson and quit his managerial job at a well known coffee chain. The brand bakes a fantastic selection of treats in all different fun shapes and sizes from dinosaurs to doughnuts – and we’ll definitely be placing an order with them separately soon.

The box also featured a pack of Barking Heads meaty treats (£2.90) and the Forthglade soft bites in lamb, which we featured in our own Easter round up. We’ve been big fans of Forthglade’s bites for such a long time and always find them in our shopping basket ready to refill the treat jar. These natural, heart shaped treats are grain free with a soft texture, and can easily be broken in two for smaller dogs, multi-dog households or just to make the pack last longer, and typically cost £1.50.

Finally there’s the House of Paws bunny toy, which is said to retail at £4.95, but I’ve seen it at least a few quid more at other retailers. The cuddly soft toy would be quickly ripped to shreds by Phoebe and Frank, but it is absolutely gorgeous. The beige plush features a squeaker in every leg which will definitely see dogs get excited, with a soft and squishy body that’s incredibly comforting.


There are three products inside the Hounds and Hers box for humans, including a Lindt chocolate bunny that certainly didn’t last long, and was washed down with a NICE rose wine. But the star of the subscription was the Organic Works Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser worth a whopping £19.99.

The 100% vegan and cruelty free moisturiser is tested for sensitive skin and is enriched with organic cocoa butter, made with 98% natural ingredients. The moisturiser is extremely hydrating and makes my skin feel so smooth, which has been desperately needed of late, so it came at the perfect time.

The Hounds and Hers box is an amazing way to discover new products and brands while spending quality time with your pets. I love that it’s really personalised and caters not just to your dogs size to offer suitable products, but also to your own dietary preferences. To try one for yourself, bag £5 off with my link here.