Doggie Doolittles letterbox treats based in Stoke-on-Trent

A Stoke-on-Trent pet store has launched a range of affordable treats that fit perfectly through your letterbox.

Doggie Doolittles was a business born during the Covid-19 pandemic, and has also gone online in order to post their products further afield.

Owner Bill Lewis already had a stall in the market, called Doggie Doodles, where he created incredible pet portraits. When the stall opposite him – a pet food stall – closed during lockdown one, Bill took the opportunity to open his own dog food stall. His initial intention had been to open another art shop in Longton, but branched out his business to occupy two Tunstall market units directly opposite each other.

Doggie Doolittles has already become a much-loved part of the pet community in the area, having hosted a virtual dog show during lockdown two, where pooch parents could submit photos to each ‘event’ for the chance to win Best in Show and a goodie bag.

And in a new contact-free world, the pet store has launched letterbox goodies, so you can pick up their goodies without leaving the house. If fact, without even having to open the door to the postie. Their Etsy store means they can be shipped all over the UK, too.

The little treat selections come in five different varieties.

  • Doggie chocolates – £3
  • Mixed bakes box – £2
  • Mini sausage box – £2.60
  • Mixed bag (300g) of chocolate – £4.50
  • Doggie chocolates and a donut – £3.50

We ordered the doggie chocolates box and mixed bakes box, coming to just £5, which seems a brilliant price.

Inside the doggie chocolates box was four large jazzies, pink and white mice, and chocolate fish and chips. They looked like they could have been straight out of a cinema pick and mix and were beautifully presented in the box. It was difficult to believe they were for the dogs! There were 19 chocolates in the box, which averaged at around 16p per treat, cheaper per gram than your average cinema goodie bag! This would actually be a super cute movie night in idea – here are 28 dog-related films you could watch together with your letterbox gift.

The mixed bakes box featured a range of baked treats in the shape of bones, hearts, mice and stars, costing just £2. We only had one broken biscuit in the whole box of 16, and it’s really nothing to complain about considering the price and the fact I’d have broken it to feed to The Scamps anyway. I do believe from smell and appearance, that they’re a mix of fishy and cheesy treats, which will get tails wagging!

These postal packs are ideal for treating your own pet, or would be a really cute gift for a friend’s dog if it was their birthday, or gotcha day! It’s also a great idea for seasonal gifts, like Christmas or Easter. Alternatively, if someone’s house sat/dog sat for you whilst you were away, and have their own pet – it would make a lovely thank you gift. As a pet owner, I can confirm we would always rather you buy our dogs something rather than us!