Frozzys yogurt-based Superbites biscuits in three delicious flavours

Frozzys are a brand we’ve used as a family for a number of years, with their frozen iced treats proving to be the ultimate heatwave buster for the Scamps. And now, the Frozzys team has since gone on to develop their new Superbites, so that they can enjoy the taste of Frozzys any day of the week – no matter the weather.

Launched last summer in June 2021, Frozzys Superbites are a tasty biscuit treat that can be enjoyed daily, with added probiotics to support healthy canine digestion. You four-legged family members will be pleased to know that they don’t need to wait until the mercury rises to enjoy goodies from the nutrition-focused brand.

With a focus on digestive health, the Superbites treats come in three fantastic flavours, with yoghurt still very much at the heart of what Frozzys do. The treats contain 100 per cent natural ingredients your dogs will already know and love, including yoghurt and blueberry, yoghurt and cranberry and finally, yoghurt, banana and honey.

Each treat is made with 26 per cent yoghurt, as well as sweet potato flower and cold pressed rapeseed oil and linseed oil before other fresh flavours are added, each with their own unique health benefits. All of the treats contain added probiotics to support digestive health, while the oils are naturally rich in omega 3 and 6 to promote a healthy skin and coat.

Customers can pick up a taster pack of the Superbites from the Frozzys website, costing £10.17 for all three flavours, working out at £3.39 per pack. We love that this gives the Scamps the opportunity to discover their favourite – though if they could speak I’m certain they’d say ‘all of them’, if asked.

Gently baked in the UK, the paw shaped treats are a great size for breaking into two for sharing with furry siblings, or stretching the packet further. What’s more is that they’re less than 10 calories per bite, and are grain-free making them suitable for sensitive tummies, too.

Already the treats have proven a hit in the industry, having been shortlisted for best innovations in lockdown at the Petquip awards.

Suitable for all breeds and ages from 12 weeks, these make for the perfect treat that can be used for training and rewards from the day you bring your new pup home, and thanks to their low calories, they’re also ideal for older dogs, and those who might need some help managing their weight. On that note, Frozzys recommend feeding up to 10 treats per day depending on dog size and activity level – Phoebe and Frank probably have around four or five per day between them, broken up and scattered throughout the day, or used in training.

The Superbites have been extensively tested by the Frozzys team dogs, Juno, Rio, Rascal and Myla, Hollie and Waffle – and now, Phoebe and Frank. And they get paws up and tail wags all round.

We love the size and shape of the treats, which makes for easy division to spread out those rewards. We think this is such a genius innovation and a great way to use Frozzys yoghurt in a new way, to create something that can be enjoyed 365 days of the year and doesn’t fill up one of the freezer drawers. 

The flavour combinations are fantastic, with blueberry and cranberry matching the flavours of our favourite frozen treats. Perhaps next summer will see the launch of a banana and honey frozen yogurt? We certainly hope so.

You can purchase your Frozzys Superbites directly from the Frozzys website, or via Amazon, where you can get 10 packs of your dog’s favourite flavour for £33.90 – also working out at £3.39. That said, we’ve spotted them on offer quite a few times, so it’s well worth adding them to your basket and waiting for them to be reduced. You can find them on Amazon here.

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