11 Valentine’s gift ideas for dogs and pet parents

Valentine’s Day – a day for showing the love of your life just how much you care about them – canine cuddle partners included.

I probably kiss my dogs more often than I kiss my boyfriend, and so, of course they deserve to be spoiled on February 14, just as much as he is.

While dogs can’t enjoy the typical human V-day gifts like chocolate and flowers, they can be spoiled with pawfume, treats and accessories.

So as the season of love approaches, here is some gift inspiration to help you find the perfect gift for the special dog in your life.

From handcrafted charms to personalised prints – here are 11 gorgeous Valentine’s gift ideas for pets and pet pawrents that will spread the love and get tails wagging.

Forthglade soft bites

These heart shaped dog treats from Forthglade are pawfect for Valentine’s day! They come in salmon, lamb and turkey, and are gently baked to retain goodness.

Grain free with natural ingredients, they’re suitable for dogs with the most sensitive of tummies, and as the hearts are scored down the centre, they can be broken into two for sharing. The salmon treats come in a pink packet, made with 30% salmon meal and 24% sweet potato – great for showing your dog how much you love them.

The bites cost £1.50 per pack and I buy mine from Hounds, where you can bag 10% off with the code SCAMPS.

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Animology Paw and Nose Balm

For protecting paw pads and sensitive snoots, the Animology Nose and Paw balm costs around £7 for a 50ml tube, and is a beautiful moisturiser for your pets.

The recipe is 100% vegan, comprising of almond oil, jojoba wax, shea butter, oat oil and vitamin E, creating a protective barrier and nourishing your dog’s nose and paws.

The product – suitable for dogs aged over six months – has a very light fragrance and absorbs quickly. Using it is a great way to built trust with your dog when it comes to handling their paws and touching their face.

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Wren and Rye Bowdangle

Salford-based independent business Wren and Rye are home to the award-winning Bowdangle – a glitzy accessory to brighten any pup’s wardrobe.

The British made brand was inspired by owner Ash’s pooch, Wren, with the Bowdangle being their most popular product, winning Gift of the Year 2021. The signature accessory comes in two sizes and more than 15 different colours and patterns, from tortoise shell to leopard print. Phoebe wears the Flamingo Pink, while Frank has the Ginger Fizz option, both matching the colours of their everyday collars.

Prices start at £6 for minis, £10 for large or £15 for sets – but you can get 20% off with the code BEFFSHUFF20. Wren and Rye also stock a Pooch and Parent set so you can wear one on your car keys to match your bestie.

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Green and Wild Austin the Aubergine toy

The aubergine emoji has long been used as a euphemism for a you-know-what, so this is a very tongue-in-cheek entry to the gift guide.

Green and Wild’s Austin the Aubergine is an adorable toy made with suede and natural jute fibres. Jute is a natural and sustainable plant fibre, meaning it’s not harmful to be ingested – though still not recommended, of course.

We picked Austin up at Hounds, for £7.95 – with 10% off using the code SCAMPS. Other toys in this eco-friendly range include Audrey the Avocado, Smorg the alien, a rhino, a pig, a crab, banana, carrot, octopus and ‘Francois le frog’.

Denzel’s Valentine’s Hearts

Made from peanut butter, strawberries and carob, these vegan, low calorie treats are reminiscent of a romantic chocolate fondue – paired perfectly with a bowl of pawsecco!

Limited edition and only available until Valentine’s Day, these delicious heart shaped treats come in a plastic-free pouch that even has a message from Denzel on the back.

It reads: “Roses are red, violets are blue, here are some hand-baked hearts just for you!” with a pooch post envelope stamped Be Mine? with space to write the name of a sender and recipient.

There are around 60 treats per pack and they’re only available in Tesco stores, so you’ll have to scoot down to the supermarket to buy some.

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Houndsly Black Cherry Pawfume

Perfume is always a great Valentine’s gift choice, so why not treat your pet to a fresh spritz too?

Manchester-based Houndsly stock a selection of cruelty-free, vegan pet fragrances, packaged in sustainable recyclable aluminium bottles.

Phoebe loves their sweet and vibrant Black Cherry pawfume which smells of Jelly Belly cherry air fresheners, or Haribo Tangfastic cherries. Other scents in the range include aftershave dupes and scents similar to Lush favourites.

Priced at £10 at Hounds, the fragrances can be used on puppies over 12 weeks, and sprayed directly onto the coat after a good shake of the bottle – avoiding the face. The scents are strong and long-lasting, so you only need a small amount – and remember to use the code SCAMPS at the Hounds checkout.

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Florence and Ottie print

Florence and Ottie is an amazing illustration brand that brilliantly captures your pets’ personality in print – just take a look at our blog header!

The brainchild of designer Clare Hopkins, the stunning minimalistic pet portraits are an instantly recognisable, well-treasured keepsake for any pawrent.

Personalised pet print portraits start at £24 for a monochrome print, but the £48 illustrated prints are my favourite, featuring a colour caricature of your dog on one of the thoughtfully selected background colours.

Claire’s contemporary designs are hand-drawn and then digitally refined, adding their name and a little line about them, such as ‘sock thief’ underneath.

You can feature up to three pets per print, with other accessories and apparel available to have the design on too, like t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Pooch and Mutt Love-ly Lamb treats

Pooch and Mutt’s ‘Love-ly Lamb’ meaty treats are also limited edition, costing £8.49 for three packs on their website.

There are around 110 heart-shaped treats per pack, and are made of 26% lamb, which is a great highly digestible protein. Suitable for all breeds over 12 weeks old, the treats include probiotics for healthy digestion and collagen for skin and coat to keep them looking gorgeous, alongside Vitamin C acting as an antioxidant and thyme which can help lower blood pressure.

What’s more is that they’re hypoallergenic, and contain no added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, with no grain, cereal, gluten, beef, soy, dairy and non-GM produce, meaning they’ve not used any genetically modified ingredients.

Barkley and Co Collar

A business launched during the second national lockdown during the pandemic, Staffordshire’s Barkley and Co was inspired by their labrador puppy, Libby.

The brand creates stunning vegan leather collars in a range of colours, made using durable biothane. Phoebe’s Mulled Wine collar was from their first collection, with Frank sporting Midnight Blue, and is finished with antique brass buckles and hardware.

The waterproof and easy-to-clean collars start at 10, with nine colours to choose from – and if you’re a pet parent who loves a matching set, they also have their own collection of leads.

The collars start at £10, coming in five sizes from extra small to large – with the biggest size being £12, and we save ours for ‘Sunday best’.

Jessica and James enamel charms

On our Barkley and Co collars, Phoebe and Frank each have a Jessica and James enamel charm. The Staffordshire-based jewellery brand launched in October 2020 after creator Charlotte discovered a love of jewellery making in lockdown.

As well as jewellery for humans, she creates these gorgeous pearlescent tags for pets – so your dog can look as stylish as you.

They come in four different colours and designs, including navy, pink, pearl and grey, each £7.99. Frank’s got the navy one, while Phoebe suited the grey, but they also come in pink and pearl. The 15mm tags all have a different symbol on them, from love, stars and the moon to the electricity and power of lightning.

The tags are all unisex, suiting dogs of all sizes – we think the heart design is so cute for Valentine’s day. These are all available via Etsy, or in-store at Josiah and Co, Wedgwood, Barlaston.

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Champagne dog toy

Who doesn’t love a bottle of fizz? And this is a great way to ‘toast’ to your pet this Valentine’s – maybe even with a bottle of pawsecco?

The plush toy is from Matalan and retails at just £4, so it a great budget option. It features a champagne bottle design reading ‘pop clink fizz’ filled with stuffing and a squeaker for extra fun.

We know this toy won’t last long with the Scamps, but hey – it’s the thought that counts, right?