W’zis Dubya – the fillable vegan dog chews offering ultimate enrichment

Phoebe and Frank can’t resist the shake of a W’zis tin and their tiny ‘w’ shaped vegan treats. And at only one calorie per treat, they’re our favourite little ‘well done for going out for a wee’ treat, training reward, loose lead walkies bribe and secret weapon for having a quiet pint in the pub. 

The scamps go wild when they hear the tin rattle and love their meaty-smelling flavours like Slipper and Biscuit or Postman and Roast. So you can imagine that their eyes almost popped out of their head when they realised that the brand also stock ginormous versions of the W’zis treats in the form of delicious longer-lasting chews.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, W’zis (pronounced what’s this, but in the same way you’d say it to your dog) launched in May 2021 after four miffed dog owners, uninspired by dog treats already on the market, went to the pub. The Brighton-based bunch decided that they were going to make a pact against brown bone-shaped dog treats that are stuck in the 70s, and create their own range of healthy but fun vegan dog treats in the dog-capital of the UK. And alas, their vegan, healthy but exciting brand was born.

We’ve previously reviewed W’zis’ refillable treat tins here, but today, we want to talk about their Dubya chews – named because, well, they’re shaped like a W. The Dubya chews come in two flavours – smoky and nutty – as well as two different thicknesses, with the larger ones being best suited for bigger dogs. 

The Smoky Dubya’s have that ‘fresh off the barbie’ smell, you’d genuinely think that they contained a high meat content, but they’re totally plant based, making for a more eco-friendly and lower calorie option for your dog. The main ingredients include sweet potato flour and pea flour, as well as dried brewers yeast, which is a waste product of the brewing process. We’ve previously really enjoyed biscuits made with this – including BrewBix and Brewski, so it’s great to see more brands getting in on the sustainable ingredient. What’s more is that they’re grain-free, making them suitable for dogs with dietary restrictions. 

Measuring around 135mm, the smaller chews weigh 32.5g while the larger ones are twice as thick, but both sizes of the Smoky version have the added bonus of fillable holes, which takes your dog’s experience to a whole new level. You have the option to serve the Dubya’s as they come, or get creative and fill the holes with your dog’s favourite lickable paste, whether that be peanut butter, pate or cream cheese. We filled ours with some xylitol-free peanut butter, which provided Phoebe and Frank with an extra layer of satisfaction, which kept them happily occupied for between three and five minutes – which is longer than things like rabbit ears and chicken feet, too.

If your dogs are peanut butter mad like mine, then they’ll love the Nutty Dubya, which comes in the same two thicknesses, only the larger of the two features a groove rather than the holes. This groove firstly aids your dog’s ability to pick it up, but also, much like the holes, can be stuffed with their favourite filling to prolong the chew while adding to the excitement.  Much like its counterpart, the Nutty Dubya is vegan, grain-free, and crafted from 100 per cent natural components, working out at around 70cal each for the smaller chews, and 130cal for the larger size.

Priced at £9.95, the thinner version has eight per pack, while the larger size offers four, coming in a cardboard box that’s convenient for storage. The treats themselves are a great size for keeping dogs engaged, without it being overkill or overwhelming. And best of all, it doesn’t leave any mess, stains or smells – just a bit of drool, which serves as a testament to their tastiness. Plus, the fact that it’s vegan and made with 100 per cent natural ingredients is a big win for health-conscious dog owners.

One thing I often get asked when reviewing products is ‘how do you know your dog likes it?’ – I get it, they’re Staffies that will eat their own, and each other’s sick. But I can be certain in my knowledge that these are a firm favourite because the pair of them have started ‘asking’ for one by standing in the kitchen and growling for attention. When I walk in to see what the ‘problem’ is, Frank will gesture to the box on the counter – the clever sods. You can’t help but give them a treat just for being so darn smart, right?

W’zis were already firmly on our favourite treat brands list, but the Dubya’s have certainly solidified their spot. Their impressive design, high quality ingredients and dedication to banning the boring brown bone ticks all of the boxes for me, and for Phoebe and Frank, the flavour is unrivalled and it’s chew time is prolonged, giving me time to finish my cuppa in peace, or grab the parcels from the postie without chaos.

Whether you opt for the Smoky Dubya or Nutty Dubya, you can be confident that you’re treating your dog to something truly enriching, delicious and healthy, too. You can shop the W’zis range online here.


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