Dog owners: Think your carpets are clean? Try this pet hair tool

Our living room rugs are vacuumed daily – twice daily if Winston has paid a visit. And to look at, you’d say they were clean and free from moulting pet hair. But one inexpensive Amazon tool has proved me wrong.

The carpet scraper – or rake – has been going viral on CleanTok for a while, and I finally invested in one, intrigued at how much pet hair was lurking in the crevasses of my house.

I ordered the Petswoo Carpet Hair Remover Tool on Amazon, and it cost just £6.99, arriving in a little hessian bag with an additional silicone pet hair remover for clothes and upholstery. It arrived the very next day, so it wasn’t long before I could get stuck in scraping.

The rake features a sleek wooden handle that’s comfortable to hold as it’s quite chunky. Then at the top, the rake part sees two rows of small metal combs that aim to grip fur and debris and pull it up from deep within the carpet pile.

After vacuuming the living room rugs as usual, I began raking the carpet in sections, starting with a foot long row across the top, raking from top to bottom. I then went back over the same section horizontally, and cringed at how much fur already came out of the rug. The first rug took me about 10 minutes to do, and whilst it was a bit of a slog, it was super addictive – and the results were instant.

By the time I had finished it, there was a whole handful of debris that had been raked up from the depths of the pile. I imagine if I raked the stairs and hall too, there’d be enough fur to make another dog.

Not only did it clean the rug, but it breathed new life into it too. Our rugs have been down for around four years and are well trodden in places, such as at the base of the sofa and in the walkway. I found that using the rake horizontally and vertically lifted the pile and made the carpet look fresher and felt more plush, too.

After seeing what the rake had lifted from the living room rugs, my mum couldn’t wait to get her hands on the tool to comb through the stairs and hallway too. We were all really impressed with it, and it takes up barely any room in a drawer, too.

The silicone tool was an extra bonus really, ideal for getting those hard to reach places like the inner corners of the staircase, as well as for brushing hair off upholstery like sofas and chairs. And should you not be as thrilled with the product as I was, Petswoo also offer a full, 30 days money-back guarantee.

Shop the Petswoo Carpet Hair Remover Tool on Amazon here.

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